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For all the above discussion of the quantitative, lateral analysis should also include the qualitative. Why? Immigration petitions and applications demand a high level of accuracy and detail and case managers must also keep up-to-date with form revisions – which is difficult if time is diverted to repetitive manual tasks. ... With Immigration Tracker™, facilitate interdepartmental … Recordings of the webinar will be made available – so register for notification. At the same time, law firms are working hard to strengthen client relationships – making client accounts sticky – in order to reduce the risk of that happening. Tailored real-time reporting views empower teams to instantly identify workflow blockages, efficiently allocate resources, and list by country visitation. The third in the three-part series is being held on October 13, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. They truly have … In The Associate Lateral Market, All Law Firms Are Not Equal Darin Morgan. Complimentary Lateral Hiring Analysis Webinar, Join us for the last of a three-part series on This only serves to increase the level of risk assumed. Facilitate inter-departmental collaboration while managing strict timelines with automated alerts. None of this means that lateral hiring isn’t a viable strategy. When associates contemplate a potential lateral move, there is a common misconception that all law firms are the same. Clients, for example, have the deciding vote in whether or not they move legal work with a lateral. Case managers become immigration heroes for clients by managing strict timelines and generating real-time immigration reports that guarantee expiration dates and deadlines are not missed. This examination focuses on thinking through the potential pitfalls in lateral hiring and building a business case for mitigating the risks. 5 Top Ways to Future-Proof Your Legal Technology Stack, Attend our “Solving Remote Hiring” Webinar. © 2020 Aderant. Likewise, an attorney in a big firm moving to a smaller firm may be surprised by the apparent lack of support systems. Without process automation and standardization, steps can be missed, risking case outcomes. See first-hand how Legal Tracker can help you reduce your department's legal On the other hand, that technician is likely to be a better fit for a law firm seeking to fill a skill or practice area gap. For example, some law firms are known for a collegial environment where others relish an “eat what you kill” culture. Connect all of your data – legacy and current – and make it accessible and usable across departments with data conversion services. 3) Analyze the cultural fit For all the above discussion of the quantitative, lateral … The latter will likely find it is better served by hiring a rainmaker rather than a technical legal expert. Efficiently onboard new-hires with intuitive interfaces, in-app tutorials, and a dedicated Support Team. Is your current monthly eBilling process way too laborious? For example, did that lateral or group of laterals meet the first year objectives? Flexible real-time project management fosters visibility and keeps clients updated on case status and next steps. A better approach is to analyze the law firm’s business and identify a clear strategic purpose for lateral hiring. 96%. Does your firm struggle to comply with client billing guidelines? Law firms should develop a blueprint for how it’s going to help laterals get to where they need to go – the expectation may be for the book of business – but the ultimate goal is growth. Let our legal and technology experts assess and improve your legal operations. The firm will host a remote summer associate program for 20 U.S. law students, starting in July, and it plans to make job offers to all of them for fall 2021. Wall Street dealmakers strive to avoid falling in love with a deal and for good reason. Keep teams aligned and clients updated with flexible real-time reporting. Customer testimonial. Just a glance shows the color-coded status of each case … Settings. A recent study published by Robert Half Legal found that nearly a quarter of lawyers surveyed said their firms “will increase its hiring of partner- or senior-level attorneys in the next two years.”  In addition, more than half of the attorneys in the survey believe lateral hiring was “very effective” or “somewhat effective.”. 1)  Ensure laterals hiring meets a strategic purpose. Opting-out of Marketing communications does not affect your receipt of business communications that are essential to your interaction with Aderant, such as client support & service communications, product updates, event registration or account management communications. The software enables law firms to track some 200 key performance metrics in support of lateral hiring, including billing, revenue and collections.

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