little witch academia andrew and akko kiss

Akko's POV ——————— While I was laughing I suddenly started to feel a pair of soft lips touch mine and kiss me. Frank (Little Witch Academia) Diana Cavendish; Hannah England; Barbara Parker; Adorable; Drunk Akko; Poor Andrew; May be a bit cringy; so sry; Also on my wattpad account in a fanfic called Little Witch Academia 'Ankko' Summary. It was a very soft and gentle kiss. Little Witch Academia Akko X Andrew SoulMates - DISCONTINUED 38.3K Reads 775 Votes 7 Part Story. Nov 30, 2019 - Explore oluwaseun olatunji's board "andrew and akko" on Pinterest. It's a GREAT ANIME! T for now, might be M later. I started to kiss back not knowing if it was the right or wrong choice. Main pairing is AndrewxAkko. It felt very genuine. Fanfiction. By Calisthria Ongoing - Updated Aug 24, … Our Crazy Love [(A Andrew x Akko Fanfic)] --Completed!! ... She is grateful he let her keep her lips for her first kiss. Akko and Andrew pairing. #andrewxakko #littlewitchacademia To celebrate saving the world from a deadly missile, 17 year old Akko and her friends are out drinking. She want's it to be with someone special. Andrew's POV ———————— After the incident at the dance, when Andrew sees Akko for more than a measly little witch. Nevertheless, if they become a couple I … I started to kiss back not knowing if it was the right or wrong choice. Here are alternate takes on episodes of My Little Witch Academia. I feel as if Andrew had only been confronted with witches like Diana (arrogant) so he was entranced with such a kind and enthusiastic witch like Akko. We finished the kiss and opened our eye "OH MY GOD I AM SOOOOO SORRY, AKKO I JUST GOT REALLY IN THE MOMENT AN-" Before he could even finish getting out his words I kissed him. See more ideas about Little witch academy, My little witch academia, Witch. I DO NOT OWN LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA BUT I RECOMMEND WATCHING IT ON NETFLIX!!! Little Witch Academia AMV - [Akko/Andrew] - Friends - YouTube

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