living in a foreign country essay

For wealthy families, it will not be difficult to pay for tuition of child education. Effects of Living in a Foreign Country Essay. This means if you are living abroad, you can learn another language. Often, the interests that landed them in a foreign country are enough to connect them in building the foundations of friendship, like studying same major. This continues to show the struggle of travel and living for refugees. There is a fear of living in another country that never goes regardless of the period that one has lived in a foreign country. The trend of moving abroad for work or study related purposes are increasing tremendously these days. Most refugees start by living in a refugee camp which can be hard at times. Some of its advantages are increased external finance, improved technology and political conformism. Some people think that the city has more modern life, higher education and better health care. Also, our family and friends will be missed us. However, when we go to foreign country we must take some risks as the traffic of people, financial problems. The cost of studying in local universities and foreign universities is greatly different. With this essay, I want to compare difference between urban life and rural life. Even if they are the same, studying them in a foreign language is different and worthwhile for language practice. You will have to learn how to speak the language, you will have to make new friends, get used to the food they have and also learn how to accept different opinions and points of views. 1) Topic sentence: The weather was so cold, I stayed there about one hour. The family dinners made by your mom or the play with your pet friend when you come from school. Living abroad, however, can be very stressful, arrive they often have to face very dreadful living conditions. However, when we go to foreign country we must take some risks as the traffic of people, financial problems. Bilingualism shows a new and innovative perspective of the live and offers the possibility to chose the best way to express feelings, thoughts and emotions. Once you start living a regular life in the country you are in, you will miss everything that you left behind. 28.4 (2012). It is then that you realize the support your parents had given you through out your youth, and the support you have expected to get at time of need. In conclusion, living in another country involves change. The beauty of the land, open and friendly neighbours, genuine relationships, the tranquil pace of country life are some of the most attractive images that come to people´s minds when they feel tired of the pressures of city life. The second main effect would be learning how to accept another type of society and culture into your daily life. Finally, another factor that makes education reach very low quality standards is the fact... ...whole challenges to the new comers. When I live alone in a foreign country, I realize how valuables really the family is.... ...the effects of studying in a foreign country Final selection of candidates out of the short-listed names needs to be made with care. Moreover, these groups are not all from the same home country. It also refers to the integration of economics and societies all over the world ( The collapse of Bulgarian economics has led to unemployment, living in poverty, low salaries and a bad quality of education and standard of life. In addition, the city has a lot of entertainment center such as parks, theatres, clubs. Living abroad has many advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the expat may experience culture, Participation in the DIS program will contribute to the expansion of my knowledge and learning experiences beyond new horizons for my academic goals. Copyright © 2000-2020. They are ready to work not very good profession, but they know that they will have enough money to live happier. ... study focuses on the effects of living in a residence hall ... to live with their families, we will make a survey and ... children the freedom in their lives without their full support; ... ... countries on the development of western culture and ... our best to make globalization an internal ... very meaning of life are all ... effects, threats, challenges,and opportunities and will illustrate its interaction with the media in developing countries. Supporting details: This small window before, live—getting the most experience out of life. As a Saudi student in USA I can say we often have to deal with many administration issues that may even result to the cancellation of one’s citizenship. "Asymmetric Adaptive Legal Cultures amongst Minorities and Euro-Migrants." The world is increasingly becoming smaller than in the past. Our third and last effect is the independence you earn. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Works Cited This is not an example of the work written by professional academic writers. However, the experience of being on your own makes you really appreciate everything you have and everyone you have got by your side. Transportation is very convenient and modern such bus, railway, train, and so on that is always available to support us. Every country depends on every other country in this day and age. Retrieved October 8, 2020, from, Save Time On Research and Writing. However, the interests that landed them in a foreign country, including education and business. Missing, Living in another country is a difficult experience for many people. If you conduct a survey in which you ask students about the benefits, would like to share with you some of my experiences with living abroad. The second effect is the hardships of living in a new country. On the contrary, the city life is modern we can use any service that we want, for example, we can buy anything through our computer. That is why so many young people leave our country, but they choose their good future far from the native country than to live poor here. ESSAY: LIVING IN THE COUNTRY Living in the country has always been considered the healthiest and most relaxing choice one can make. It’s the same even the student didn’t come from same place. Studying abroad is a good experience for college students. I will be learned something and don’t forget experiences. You will do things on your own and you will have to solve your own problems. However, the dreams of moving away to a distant and quiet farm house are many times abandoned, especially by young people, when they come to think about the lack of opportunities that there are in the country. In the poem (Tent City) on page 96 it states “Many others arrived before us and are living in green tents and sleeping on cots.” This gives the full perspective of how coming into the camps are very overwhelming for people. lifetime like the flipside of coin, if you keep up the positive attitude for it. Having an open economy and free trade is a viable option for prosperity and self- reliance. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Well, there are many reasons why some people don’t consider studying abroad. Culture shock is part and parcel of living abroad and hits all of us eventually. food, and its culture. It can lead to the discovery of a new culture, a new way of life. Though the current international economy faces many challenges, the idea of trade liberalization is superior to its alternatives. Living in foreign country has lots of advantages and disadvantages, but I think that when you are in other country, you will feel better than here, because there will be more people to value your abilities. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

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