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Adding a few slices of liverwurst to a soup or stew is an easy way to upgrade the nutrient profile, and it helps with the flavor too. Braunschweiger (sliced 1/4″ thick) Whole Grain Mustard Red Onion Swiss Cheese A good, dark German beer (optional ) Slice the Braunschweiger into 1/4″ slices, slather on the mustard, slice the onion thin and add a layer of cheese. Traditionally, braunschweiger is either smoked or (more often, I find) has bacon incorporated into it to add a smoky note. Personally, I like either of 'em on a nice dark rye with some mustard, pickles and onion. However, I've seen things that purport to be braunschweiger that are really just liverwurst, so caveat emptor. Try serving the Braunschweiger both cold and pan-seared. Braunschweiger liver sausages have a delicious taste that will make your snacks hearty, and mesmerizingly delicious. Common in German cuisine, Braunschweiger is made of beef, beef liver and a number of spices. BOOM! Braunschweiger is a processed meat product that comes in the shape of a tube encased in a plastic wrapper. I was making breakfast one morning and decided I wanted some kind of meat to go with my eggs and fried potatoes. Liverwurst stew is a thing, and you can add the traditional liver sausage to a stew alongside meat, vegetables, and any other ingredients you like. If you are trying to … All we had on hand was some Braunschweiger is a great sausage to try if you want to incorporate organ meats to your diet. Oscar Mayer Braunschweiger Liver Sausage - This delicious Oscar Mayer Braunschweiger Liver Sausage pack is made from juicy pork and pork liver that has been seasoned with little bit of salt for flavorful taste. Nutritional Value of Braunschweiger. Beef Braunschweiger is a 60/40 mix of grass-fed trim and grass-fed beef liver offered in a fully cooked 1 pound package ready to slice and serve.

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