oboe keys diagram

The keys turn the rods and the rods in turn place or remove tiny covers over the tone holes to produce different tones. If you'd like to jump ahead, use the anatomy chart above to click a part you'd like to read about first. : Depress index finger key ring and cover tone hole. The first octave key is used to access the former range and is located under the left hand thumb. Screw #14: Regulates E key with F resonance key. 10. These parts' conical bore inside help give the oboe its distinctive, piercing tone. Play low B with C# key down. to speak with someone who truly knows a Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. : Leave tone hole open and key ring not depressed. It is rarely adjusted. -When depressing the low Bb, the pads of low B and low Bb should touch the tone holes simultaneously, but the ultimate adjustment should be done by playing low C, D, and Bb. : Depress middle finger key ring and cover tone hole. The second octave key, which covers the latter range, is located above the front keys and played with the left index finger. Alternating trill keys are also indicated by a combination of red When the player applies air pressure and lip vibration, the cane piece vibrate together and create standing sound waves within the inner cavity of the oboe. The principal key (the ones you put your fingers on, usually further down the instrument) should always feel slightly heavier (more drag) than the secondary key (which is worked indirectly, usually further up the instrument) with the cigarette paper test. The adjustment screw has a direct effect on the secondary key; more specifically, if you turn the screw to the right, it will make the secondary key heavier and, vice versa, if you turn it to the left. Screw #10: Regulates the connection between G# and F# keys. The oboe also has two distinctive extra keys called "octave keys" which perform a similar function to the register key on a clarinet. Both of the octave keys are located on the upper joint. … In many cases, the keys other than the central column can be displayed by key name as well as by graphical means. boldface text and red boldface italic text. Screw #11: Regulates E key and vent key (forked F). The upper joint also includes two special keys that are used to activate two different octave ranges, known as the first octave key and the second octave key. Screw #7: Regulates the amount of ‘play’ in the F# key. The finger keys activate a rod system that covers and uncovers tone holes to produce different pitches of the scale. Joints must not wobble (tenon cork must fit tightly), 8. Many experienced players make their own reeds, personally sourcing the cane as well as cutting and scraping it to meet their exact specifications. For a fingering involving more than one trilled key, the trilled keys are to be Most oboes have two of octave keys, though some have three. These two keys, for all practical purposes, should have … To answer your question, Annisa, the left hand goes on the upper joint. The shape, size and materials used to create the staple can have a profound effect on the overall tone of the oboe. Most oboes have two of octave keys, though some have three. : Depress ring finger key ring and cover tone hole. Also make sure there is lost motion between the upper and middle joints on the C-D trill side, if there is no space, sand the corks. When changing pads, it is important to have the new pad matching the others, so the space needed for adjusting will remain. When turning the adjustment screw, always turn the screw one minute at a time, and then proceed to check with the cigarette paper. Some modern oboes have innovations in their keywork that allow the player to produce octaves without the use of a separate octave key. The oboe's double reed design converts the player's lip vibrations into sound waves. Screw #6: Regulates the balance between the C vent and the Bb vent. The oboe also has two distinctive extra keys called "octave keys" which perform a similar function to the register key on a clarinet. The reed is actually made of two pieces of cane held tightly together and placed into the oboe's staple. If there are two, the keys produce pitches in the ranges of E5 to G#5 and A5 to C6. Do not over adjust screw #19. Advanced Professional Level String Basses, Most Popular Electric Stringed Instruments, Woodwind Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies, Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Woodwind Cases, Brass Instrument Brushes and Cleaning Tools, Brass Instrument Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies, Instrument Stands, Stabilizers & Transport. Usually the A key is a bit higher than the G key. Forked “F” resonance key! separates left hand keys from right hand keys. A guide to best adjust for tone and quality. If there are two, the keys produce pitches in the ranges of E5 to G#5 and A5 to C6. 5. Screw #8: Regulates the G key and the Bb vent. If those two keys are not properly balanced, the A and B will be affected.

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