oneplus 6 battery life hours

The phone made me eat my own words, so there's that. We still wouldn't call it on par with a Pixel, but it's almost there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. At the end of the day, battery life always comes down to how you use your phone. Battery life (hours) Higher is better OnePlus 6 8h 10 min (Average) But please inform me of what phone you're using that has better than 2 full days of battery life with mild use? Literally all I'm doing is Reddit/Chrome browsing, a few YT videos here and there, Viber and that's it. You'll find everything else there. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In a forum post, the company explains that OnePlus Buds’ battery life will amount to 30 hours on a single charge of the case. Still, we're happy with the OnePlus 6's battery life, even though there's definitely room for improvement. If you getting a screen on time of more than 5 hours then this process will not make your battery much better. If this person was in an area with bad cell reception, that will automatically make the standby drop down faster. Update this thread if that problem gets fixed after an update. If you add more time spent on mobile data, and use positioning apps, then expect that number to go down, obviously. this kind of problems are specific to android phones happens quite often on other phones as well. Send tips to or encrypted to Contact us battery Life. This is for those devices which are not able to even last for a full workday. ), disabling WiFi scanning (not sure how to do it) and rebooting the device. Slowdowns are not something we've ever encountered in our time with it, everything just flies. Terms of use To be specific, they are good for over seven hours of continuous use, and can be fully topped up more than three times from just their charging case, giving you up to 30 hours of use before you have to plug in again. Hopefully it stays like this in the weeks to come! this. Got 27% left after 7h 18m SOT and charged it 21h 32m ago. 40% for 4hrs 18min of Youtube streaming is mind boggling. 1 Day 16H off charge is pretty dang good. Our normal use case for a long-term review involves the phone being off the charger for 12-16 hours. That action just feels... wobbly, for lack of a better term. Lags are almost nonexistent, and multitasking is a breeze if you can get used to the Recent apps rolodex's scrolling, which feels a bit unnatural. Apple’s AirPods top out at 24 hours, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ at 22 hours, and Google’s Pixel Buds at 24 hours. Here's what I got on latest update. The most important thing is that, even as their batteries run for longer, the OnePlus Buds are still exceedingly light at just 4.6 grams, while the charging case is just 36 grams, so they’ll never be a burden in your pocket. Yes! With a Snapdragon 845 inside, and up to 8GB of RAM, you'd expect amazing performance from the OnePlus 6 - and it delivers. ( i do this on all my devices) the only time i personally need a bright screen is when im in sunlight. What's more, battery life has been consistent, and that's refreshing. After that, you’ll need to drop them back in the case. 30 hours isn’t a figure to scoff at, either. Predictably, the best battery life that you get is with the display set to Full HD+ (2,336 x 1,080) and the refresh rate set to 60Hz. We should also mention that we went with the default theme. Dash Charge gives you 60% in 30 minutes. It even says my battery will last for a little over 5 hours (5 hours and 15 minutes). My oneplus already had a bad battery life because of the last update , but now its horrible. A few calls here and there, totaling around half an hour. Close to 2 days on one charge is not bad at all. OnePlus devices have always scored very well in benchmarks (though not uncontroversially at times), but we're not here to talk about that in this long-term review. Am I losing my mind here or does this say you got 1 day, 16 hours of battery with 2.5 hours SoT. The OnePlus 6 takes a similar amount of time, but with a smaller battery. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Also, some people suggested cleaning the cache (not sure what this is? Each earbud can individually support continuous usage for up to 7 hours. The software seems well optimized not to eat away at the 3,300 mAh cell for no reason. I've disabled face unlock since I'm fairly certain that sensor scanning for my face constantly can drain a decent amount. It's perfect. Coverage Exactly. AccuBattery says I'm discharging 0.7%/h in deep sleep, and that's pretty insane too! There is a huge thread at the OnePlus 6 forums all about battery life, and how to prolong usage.

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