pea aphid control

The action threshold is defined as the point where the action (insecticide treatment) needs to be taken to prevent the aphid population from reaching the economic injury level with the economic threshold working in costs such as insecticide and labour. They are as follows: 40 to 50 aphids per 25 cm (10 inch) or shorter stem; 70 to 80 aphids per 25 to 38 cm (10 to 15 inch) stem; 100 aphids per 50 cm (20 inch) stem. They chose unrelated insects more. During spring, feeding activity increases. Although the pea aphids appear to be perfectly suited to a vegetarian lifestyle, they don’t restrict their diet to eating plants. In our plots, however, pea aphid populations may have been influenced by migration from neighbouring lentil and pea fields. Depending on the weather, Aphids develop from birth and attain maturity in 5 to 50 days. During autumn, the female pea aphids lay fertilized eggs overwinter that are ready to hatch by the following spring. Now let’s look at the horror part. You can see that this aphid is globally distributed all over temperate regions. Research in Manitoba has shown that insecticides applied when pods first form protects pea yield better than earlier or later applications. Aphid populations that reached 800 aphids/ plant before insecticidal treatment resulted in a loss of at least half compared to the plots kept at the lowest aphid density while waiting to apply insecticides until populations reached 1,500 aphids/plant resulted in complete yield loss. The pea enation mosaic, has been a major problem in New York but has not been reported in North Carolina. This provides essential amino acids which is necessary for aphid reproduction. Our experiments using contact and systemic insecticides indicated that contact insecticides gave better control of pea aphids than the systemic insecticide that we tested. The economic threshold in peas at $0.21/kg ($5.71 per bushel) and average control cost of $16.63-$22.86/ha ($6.73-$9.25/acre) is 2 to 3 aphids per 8-inch (20 cm) plant tip, or 9 to 12 aphids per sweep, at flowering. The optimum temperatures for rapid development of pea aphids range from about 23 - 28ºC.  Distribution – The pea aphid is found throughout the United States and Canada in regions where peas and alfalfa are grown. Pea aphid are unique in that they can synthesize energy themselves .They might be one of the only animals to turn sunlight into energy like a plant. They are also ranked among the aphid species which are of major agronomical importance. As we know, when we get a mosquito bite, we may feel itchy from a few seconds to a few hours, and we could easily recover from it, depending on your body’s immune system. All about aphids. You can see that this aphid is globally distributed all over temperate regions. Pea aphids also show hereditary body color variations of green or red/pink. It is a sap-sucking insect belonging to the Aphididae family. It is at this time; some of the winged aphids develop and migrate, usually to peas. Effect of environment conditions on genes, Economic Thresholds For Aphids In Field Peas, Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Pea Aphids. Aphids are able to produce their own carotenoids, which are  pigments usually produced by plants, fungi and microorganisms. It may be a fact that clones may be willing to let their fellows eat them to ensure that at least some of the clones would survive to reproduce and pass on their shared genes. The cornicles (a pair of tailpipe-like structures projecting from the abdomen) of this species are characteristically long & slender. Pea enation mosaic virus (PEMV) PEMV is a small, spherical virus which infects legumes. CONTROL For up-to-date chemical control recommendations, consult the current North Carolina Agricultural Chemical Manual .

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