pete's wicked cider

Medium bodied. Pete’s Wicked Ale was named after co-founder Pete Slosberg stumbled upon while trying to clone Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. I learned they use apples from within 50 miles of the cidery, grown in a damp climate similar to the PNW, and use wild yeast fermentation for all their ciders. Medium to heavy bodied. Chelan Craft Cider (Chelan WA) Cider with Lemon – This is a new cidery, and my first time trying their cider. Semi-sweet. I am usually not a fan of alcohol and can't stand the taste of any drink but D's Wicked apple ciders are really good! The Brute is one of their two flagship ciders; the other is The Guardian Angel, a blueberry-pomegranate cider (see my tasting notes here). Pete's Wicked Ales's brand owner, The Gambrinus Company, discontinued the Pete's Wicked Ale brand in 2011, sending letters to their distributors citing "rapidly declining sales volumes". In 2004, Pete's Brewing Company was number 42 in America for sales by volume. Semi-dry to semi-sweet (despite the “Dry” name). d’s ciders are naturally gluten free, rough filtered to maintain the richest apple flavor, contain no colorants, and use natural ingredients. Summit Cider (Coeur d’Alene Idaho) Apple (6.5% ABV) – Semi-dry. I wouldn’t mind trying this again. MENU. Awesome! Its a good thing they make so many ciders, so there is something for everyone. Their Atomic Root Beer is definitely my favorite from them so far. I sampled D’s Wicked Baked Apple, their new 6.9% instead of 8.5% ABV variety. Cider Riot Never Give An Inch Oregon Blackberry, 6.9% ABV:  This is the first cider I’ve had from this Portland OR cidery, although I have a bottle of their 1763 at home to try. I found all three selections to likely be friendly to an unfamiliar palette, as they were all clean or fairly clean (no to low funk) and no sourness, lining up more with the style of the Brittany France ciders I’ve had more than the Normany France ciders I’ve had (although it appears all three were made in or near Normandy). Moderate tartness and acidity. I look forward to this being available in bottles as it sounds like it’ll be fairly affordable to keep around as an everyday cider. I didn’t pick up the richness of any of the cider apple varieties they added, but there was definitely sharp heirloom apple flavor. A hint of funk. I met co-founder Davon Sjostrom, who has a background in Botany, which I imagine brings something new to cidermaking. This was a bit too dry and mildly flavored for me, but I liked the overall flavor notes. Smooth, mild flavor, with hints of pear, hops, and oak. 19 Great Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren't Pie, How to Bake Three Amazing Pies in One Morning, How to Make Thanksgiving for One (or Two), December 2020 Cookbook of the Month: FOOD52 WEBSITE. Thin bodied. I can see why this one has been a huge hit for them. Community See All. Manoir du Parc (Normandy France) Authentic Cidre – I also re-tried their flagship cidre. Its major product line was Pete's Wicked Ale, an American Brown Ale that is 5.3% alcohol by volume. Only semi-sweet, which I appreciated. This cider has expressive notes of pie cherries and cream soda with a lush marshmallow finish. Job inquiries: Schilling’s Grumpy Bear, due to the use of coffee and a Nitro can (my tasting notes here). However, it was too bitter for my liking. Medium to full bodied. Their Kingston Black or Traditional is probably my favorite though. Sharp flavor with notes of mineral, green apple, honey, white blossom, and lemon. Ice cider is made using juice which has been frozen, concentrating the natural sugars and flavors, resulting in a sweet full-bodied intensely flavorful dessert cider. Semi-dry to semi-sweet. Miloslawski (Poland) Perry – Imported by Browar Polska Imports. Note – cider is fermented like wine – not brewed like beer (no heat involved). This hazy cider looked like mango juice. I’ll have to try this again to see if my sour taste buds were busted when I tried it. It was their monthly potluck, which this month had a “sweet” theme, for both cider and food. Light cherry color. REDD’s Wicked communications are sent only to eligible U.S. legal drinking age consumers. Cranny Granny D's Wicked Cider. I’d love to see this without the spiciness (which I believe was new for this year). However, many small batch special releases do have actual handwritten labels, like this one. Semi-sweet. Pete's Brewing Company was founded by homebrewer Pete Slosberg and Mark Bronder in 1986. Intensely fruity, with floral, rhubarb, strawberry, and watermelon notes. Apple Outlaw’s Chocolate Raspberry, due to the use of chocolate in a cider (I’ve only heard of Woodchuck doing this previously). Plus I nimbled on some tasty treats. Explore More. I liked it. The entire product line was brewed under contract by Matt Brewing Company in Utica, New York while under Gambrinus ownership. It was impossible to taste all the ciders at the event (or even one from each producer), so I’d also like to share previous tasting notes and reviews of ciders from the other cideries I didn’t get to highlight:  Alter Ego, Anthem, Avid (previously Atlas), Bad Granny, Chatter Creek, Double Mountain, Dragon’s Head, Eaglemount, Eden, Elemental, Finnriver, Hi-Wheel, Incline, Jester & Judge, J. My Opinion:  I thought this was pretty average. Notes of red grape and mineral. Pear UP (Wenatchee WA) Barrel Hoppin Pear – A barrel aged version of their hopped perry (100% pears, no apple). Review of Chanilla (Cherry Vanilla) cider from d’s Wicked, their newest release. There were still plenty of drier cider options on tap too (and with 32 tap selections and hundreds of bottles, there is something for everyone). I didn’t really taste the heirloom apples (this is listed as having Gravenstein, Winesap, and Newtown Pippin), but I kinda liked it. Very reminiscent of La Choute Rosé. Hints of bitterness and tannins. During this time the actual potluck started (5pm), and it got busy (for awhile I was the only customer!). Retails for $5-6 / 330ml bottle. They also had a Randall going that night where they infused Schilling Gold cider with oranges, coconut, and Chai tea. Notes of cherry, vanilla, marshmallow cream, cranberry, pomegranate, and green apple. Avid Cider Hard Blackberry, 22 oz bottle, 6.2% ABV #18. Seattle Cider (Seattle WA) 2015 Washington Heirloom (7.0% ABV) – This is part of their Harvest series, made with heirloom apple varieties, and also available in bottles. I loved the flavor of this (it reminded me a bit of Pear Up’s Pearjito Colada with the coconut, which hasn’t been used much in cider), but it would be a bit sweet to have much of. They are Seattle based and fairly new to the market (I hadn’t even heard of them before I was looking over the Cider Summit list! Brownrigg (Seattle WA) Rum Barrel Aged – This is apparently not a new cidery (I read they started in 2014), but this is my first time seeing them, and my first time trying their cider. I’ve previously only tried their Baked Apple cider (see here). Light to medium bodied. Reverend Nat’s (Portland Oregon) The Passion (6.9% ABV) – Cider with passion fruit juice, coconut, and vanilla. I also have their Apricot variety at home to try. People often say their want a drier cider, but sweet sells. In this case it was 100% plum juice from 14 red-fleshed varieties. Moderate carbonation. Tart fans who like berry ciders but find them all too sweet may want to give this one a try though. I think with some barrel aging it would have been nice though. They added caramelized pumpkin, sweet potato, honey, and spices. ), and thus this was their first time at Cider Summit. I think I would have liked this better if it was a bit sweeter. On the sweeter side of semi-dry. ADDRESS . This reminded me of Alpenfire Calypso and Apocalypso, except more boozy, and whiskey not rum barrel aged. Number Six Cider (Seattle WA) Peach Fuzz (6.5% ABV) – This was their fruit cider challenge entry, a spiced peach cider. Baked Apple D's Wicked Cider. It was pretty tasty, although I would have preferred no tea and lots more coconut. D's Wicked Baked Apple Cider, 22 oz bottle, 8.5% ABV 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 #16. Semi-dry, balanced flavor between the pineapple & hops with only hints of bitterness, but overall the flavor intensity was low. Using the very best apples from Washington State, we let the unique character of each apple variety guide our crafting,  resulting in our sinfully delicious varietals. Review of D’s Wicked flagship Baked Apple cider. Stevensville, Michigan. Apple and yeast forward and easy to drink. Rainier Cherry is a draft-only release using local Rainier cherries, although they sell their Original green apple cider in cans. However, the cinnamon was quite mild (at least when the keg wasn’t fully cold yet), and it had more baked apple flavor.

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