procedure for reporting hazards in the workplace

Toggle menu for Hazardous manual task training, Toggle menu for Selecting and adjusting your chair, Toggle menu for Participative ergonomics for manual tasks (PErforM) guidance for high-risk industries, Toggle menu for PErforM workshops and webinars, Toggle menu for Guidance for high risk industries, Toggle menu for Hazardous manual task resources, Toggle menu for Dangers in your workplace, Toggle menu for Knives and blades in the workplace, Toggle menu for Recreational technical diving, Toggle menu for Diving and snorkelling risk management, Toggle menu for Qualifications and competency, Toggle menu for Hazardous area classification (fire and explosion prevention), Toggle menu for Major Hazard Facilities (MHF), Toggle menu for Major Hazard Facility operators, Toggle menu for Floor and ground surfaces, Toggle menu for Psychosocial hazards and factors. Many of these can also be automated through digital workflows using a hazard reporting app or similar tool. Most of these incidents and hazards will require investigation by the University Safety team, a Supervisor, or in the more serious cases, by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) … The best format for digesting and understanding the information being collected and aggregated during your hazard reporting procedure is a dashboard. Benefits of health and wellbeing for work, Systems thinking for health, safety and wellbeing, Queensland University of Technology: Wellness Matters, New approach to mental health in resources sector, Notify Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or the Electrical Safety Office, Notify WorkCover Queensland or your workers' compensation insurer, Workplace fatalities and certain serious incidents must be reported, legal responsibility to report health and safety incidents, Tips for investigating workplace incidents, Workers' Compensation Regulatory Services, Allied health and return to work providers, encourages your workers to speak up about issues and potential issues, provides regular discussions about health and safety and opportunities to join in, helps improve your safe work procedures and training, reports back on the actions taken to resolve issues. The next phase of the hazard reporting procedure is critical, and it is where a lot of the wasted time and hazard reporting mishaps take place. One of the main challenges associated with any hazard reporting procedure is making all of that information digestible and actionable. The person controlling this safety system could also dive into the number of hazards on specific sites, the number of hazards identified by each person and other findings. Procedures for Health and Safety; Procedure for Accident Reporting and Investigation; Procedure for Accident Reporting and Investigation . makes it clear what the law requires in case of a serious injury, serious illness or death at your workplace. Unfortunately, they can be forgotten or overlooked unless you make safe practices a habit or an instinct. Lots of companies and people focus on incidents and lagging indicators when assessing safety performance and safety KPI's, and they fail to place a large enough onus on critical leading indicators like hazard reporting. There are two main bottlenecks for every company or project when it comes to reducing risk and preventing hazards: A good hazard reporting procedure negates many of the issues associated with these two bottlenecks by (1) making it easy for people to document hazards, (2) streamlining the flow of hazard reporting information and (3) aggregating and displaying that information in such a way that a person or people can make informed decisions about what to do about those hazards. Some things you should encourage workers to report include: By encouraging the reporting of hazards, near misses, and maintenance problems, you can help stop incidents from occurring. By the time it gets there it might be too late and an incident or event may have already occurred. The mechanics of your hazard reporting procedure isn't the only way to affect how hazards are reported either. If your enquiry is about something more specific, please visit our Contact us page. Workplace safety procedures and instructions. Most of these incidents and hazards will require investigation by the University Safety team, a Supervisor, or in the more serious cases, by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) or other state regulator. The first part of almost any hazard reporting procedure is of course to 'report' the hazard, which involves capturing or documenting it. If you'd like someone to get back to you about your feedback, include your contact details below. But when a hazard is urgent or dangerous, it may be necessary to escalate that hazard report to a project director, specific project manager, or even an external party. This Procedure provides for the timely reporting of all safety related incidents and hazards. A good example of the 'end goal' of information aggregation during this hazard reporting procedure is below. Contractors Knowledge Base . 1. This section offers information and tools to help you manage risks and protect health, safety and wellbeing. The standards of safety compliance will continue to increase as human error is removed from the hazard reporting process and as manual data entry is no longer a friction point or bottleneck for capturing any kind and severity of hazard - and you don't want to be playing capture months or years from now.

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