pyramid of the sun inside

In spite of Visocica being 700 m high (2296.58 ft.), I did not eliminate the possibility that it was a product of a human activity. Bojan nodded in agreement. So, we entered the basis of marl mixed with gravel, sand and stones. This is another important part of Osiris's and Isis's plan with the twins. She only found one sample of an "ornamental stone" during her testing, and she claimed that she "does not know where a flat block came from in those layers". It is about 233. feet high, the base is about 8.555 square feet, the side of the pyramid is about 733 feet, the angle of the slope approximately 32 degrees. "Perun," I thought, "was a god of thunder for the ancient Slavic. Is it a deposit made by the river in the past or possibly human hands transported earth soil that contained mixed layers of gravel and clay? After a detailed and extensive research by Mexican archaeologists it was confirmed that the hill was a pyramid with the largest surface in the world. After that, clay turns into marl as could be expected. Developed societies of the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean have left a strong outline on the architecture, social organization and spiritual life of people in Southern Europe . From the point of view of builders and building, it's very logical: waterproof clay served for building of the entrance plateau. We went to the highway. Ancient men knew the shape of the pyramid and the effects on human energy levels. Areas of Southern Europe from France through Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Turkey and Caucasian areas have grown rapidly with human cultures. In nature, hills aren't symmetrical. Further on, between 3.70 - 4.70 meters (12.13 and 15.41 ft.) is an interlayer of gravel and clay. Professor Hodovic loves the history of medieval Bosnia . At 14.40 meters (47.24 ft.) we find a new anomaly: marl shows vertical stratification, instead of the expected natural horizontal stratification. Several millennium inaugurals of Illyrian and Basque-Caucasian people left behind genius facilities in the form of pyramids, monolithic towns formed in stone and complex energy harvesting systems. The Pyramid of the Sun is and enormous flat-topped, stepped pyramid. We also spoke to a Bosnian scientist whose area of expertise was sediments, Dr. Kovacevic Rada, who kindly tested a few of the samples (six to be exact). Many thousands of years after its construction (the end of the last ice age), layers of soil that were 2.5 m (8.2 ft.) or even more thick were formed. The more I found out, the more I felt that this phenomenon needed to be explored. They had built rooms within the Pyramid. It is much lower than Visocica, completely covered in forests, and has three sides resembling regular, equally sized blocks. Early Bosnian stone-pits have produced impressive, polished blocks of sand stone. A mosaic that makes Bosnia and Herzegovina an archaeological treasure. That was understandable for me because samples did not contain archaeological objects, such as coins, ceramics, tools and alike. ("Bad cement"). Stones that are present in the Pyramid are not all of the same age. "Dear Prof. Hodovic, The initial research in August of 2005 on Visocica Hill near Visoko, showed particular anomalies that illustrate the potential presence of ancient underground building objects. Hodovic took a look and found that the shapes of pyramid were identical to those of Visocica. Beneath is a marl that was, logically, a firm base for supporting buildings (in our case for supporting the Pyramid). Overjoyed, he told us about three royal capitals in the area of Visocica. Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Assessment lasted for several days, and gave us a lot of interesting information based on the samples of core taken from the earth. The Pyramid of the Sun a huge flat-topped pyramid located precisely in the center of Danu Talis. Indeed, Bosnia used to be the energetic knot of this part of the world. In short, there is a possibility that a natural material was used for building. And, as Cortez built his cathedrals on top of the pyramids without ever knowing what was underneath them, so Bosnian monarchs built their first capital town on Visocica. They simply treated it, and cut it into blocks. It is a compact stone cut into layers of 20 cm (7.87 in.) At first sight, he couldn't tell me what kind of material it was. Indeed, Bosnia used to be the energetic knot of this part of the world. I spent May, June and July of 2005 making sure I got every single permit and license needed to start with drillings on Visocica. It is believed that the children were sacrificed to consecrate the building. 12,500 years ago a large part of the European continent was under deep layers of ice. Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon - Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna. The fact that out of all the pages in the book I flipped to the one that shows a Mexican pyramid wasn't accidental. For me, there was no doubt. This explains the presence of vertical marl instead of horizontal. She claimed that it was hard to tell, but she thought that "in 90% of cases it is a natural material". When I finally had the time and enough information I sent a letter to director of to Prof. Hodovic. So, this area must have been an area of frequent thunders and lightening once". It is also the location of the final battle of Danu Talis. The second phase consisted in adding an altar and a big statue at the top. Well, it did mean a lot for Bosnian state, especially during the period between XI and XIV century, from Kulin Ban to King Tvrtko I. It is much lower than Visocica, completely covered in forests, and has three sides resembling regular, equally sized blocks.

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