recycled green waste compost

Bio-based plastics, such as compostable plastic bags and cutlery, behave like plastic and as such are removed during the pre-processing phase and sent to landfill. Anyone know of something similar in the South of England? To find out more I visited The Compost Shop in the North of England, a large recycled compost producer. I wish I owned a trailer. Jeremy - if the process you describe involves such high temperatures for longish periods, doesn't this mean that the compost, which is sterile, is best as a soil conditioner rather than a material which will release nutrients to the soil - ie a bit like leafmould rather than nutrient-releasing garden compost which is made over a period of time with a mix of ingredients? Twist or loosely tie the plastic bag (no twist ties), Take food items out of their plastic bags/wrap (check your collection calendar or, Remove stickers, twist ties and elastic bands from produce as too much plastic or other contaminants results in lower quality compost, To prevent odours, wash kitchen catchers and Green Bins frequently (both can be cleaned with dish soap), Consider storing organic waste in your freezer or fridge to reduce odours and flies, particularly in the summer months, Kitchen containers for organics may be purchased from various retailers, For new, additional or replacement Green Bins for houses, contact 311, Vegetable scraps and peels, corn cobs and husks, Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish (including bones), Pasta, bread, grains, cereals, rice, flour, Food-soiled paper plates and takeout containers (not waxed or plastic-coated), Paper muffin cups (not waxed or parchment), Plastic food containers and cutlery (black and compostable plastic is garbage), Aluminum pie plates, trays, roasting pans, Foam trays (absorbent pads and plastic wrap are garbage), Paper napkins, paper towels, tissues (moved from Green Bin to garbage as a precaution in response to COVID-19), Feminine hygiene products (moved from Green Bin to garbage as a precaution in response to COVID-19), Compostable plastic and plastic-lined paper containers, cups, cutlery, Wax or plastic-coated paper plates, takeout containers, Plastic-lined paper packaging (e.g. industrial composting and use of manure. They recycle about 15,000 tonnes of green waste from local council collections every year and turn it into high-quality compost … The City’s Green Bin program helps keep waste out of landfill by collecting and processing organics into material that can be used to create nutrient-rich compost used to feed and nourish soil. I'll take a look at the Compost shop site, but does anyone know if any of the local councils around Derbyshire give away or sell there compost that they must all be collecting from homes? Last year I made raised beds from recycled wood and used the free compost from the Council. It is ideal for both domestic, horticultural and agricultural uses. What goes in the Green Bin is very important as the organic material is used to create high-quality compost that can be used to feed and nourish soil. The following factors are important: The Compost Shop take samples from every batch which are sent away for extensive analysis before they can be sold. We Compost Naturally - Environmentally Friendly Green Waste Recycling in Halifax Proper recycling and composting has benefits for the environment. ", "Good luck Barrie, it seems to me the composters are reluctant to make any claims at all. Yorganics is a 100% recycled, peat free, locally sourced and compost produced in North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. This is a laborious process as some people still throw plastic bags or plant pots in with the waste, which must be removed by hand. The City collects organics from approximately 460,000 houses, as well as apartment and condo buildings, schools and City-owned buildings. I need to look at it but it's free! I have loads of their compost on my garden. A tip of my garden hat to you all. Compostable plastic bags are not necessary. It was not designed to process packaging. (We won't display this on the website or use it for marketing), (Please enter the code above to help prevent spam on this article), Reusing Compost Grow Bags For Winter Salads, The Pros and Cons of Using a Shredder for Your Prunings, Nifty, Thrifty Ways to Reuse Potting Compost, Fast and Easy Ways to Create Superb Compost, Good for enriching all soil types: it helps break up heavy soils and improves the nutrient and water retention of sandy soils, A great way to recycle waste and reduce the amount that gets unnecessarily sent to landfill. For the US, there is a list on the US Composting Council's website at", "Thanks for the explanation. ", "I have used the Cambridge (Donarbon) compost for 3 years on my allotment with good results.

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