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Ten years later, Henry runs away from Storybrooke to Boston and seeks out his birth mother, Emma. Following a call to Michael, he is persuaded into taking the children in. She is startled by his assessment that there is an empty hole in her heart, reminding Regina of what Rumplestiltskin said in their previous lives. “Once Upon a Time” fans may need to bid farewell to yet another character. Mary Margaret recognizes the box Kathryn's heart was found in as her own personal belonging, to which Regina begins to speak sympathetically towards her about knowing what it's like to lose someone and to be placed in a "dark place". Instead, he is suspicious Kathryn's murder is his fault, even explaining his blackout episodes, but she ignores his theories. Once Upon a Time Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Regina can also crush the heart killing the victim, but Regina has not been doing heart removal lately since she had been redeemed by the heroes. ("An Apple Red as Blood"), Alas for Regina, the price of magic is one of tragedy as it is not Emma who bites into the apple turnover, but Henry. Once at the diner, Regina is shocked to see two people who aren't from her world, Kurt and Owen. To her disdain, She finds out Graham gave Emma the position of deputy sheriff, but then assigns her to push back the townspeople from danger of the sinkhole. She was a regular cast member in the fifth season of the ABC sitcom, Regina Mills / Evil Queen / Roni / Old Woman / Ursula, Why Women Kill: Season Two; Additional CBS All Access Casting Revealed, ‘Why Women Kill’: Virginia Williams, Jessica Phillips, Eileen Galindo To Recur In Season 2, Showbiz Activists Make Final Push In Remaining Days Of 2020 Election, "Once Upon a Time": 10 Magical Teases For Season 5. She doesn't answer when Mary Margaret asks why Regina hates her so much. Once Upon a Time: Storybrooke Has Frozen Over. Suspecting Emma has something to do with it, Regina goes to the sheriff's office. Unlike Henry, Mary Margaret, and Emma, Regina does not like hot cocoa with cinnamon. As luck would have it, Emma pays Regina a visit announcing her departure from Storybrooke and agrees to give up the custody battle over Henry if she gets visitation rights. Regina encourages Kathryn to be with David, drawing from experience of her own previous love and how she lost him because of an unwillingness to fight for love. To hide evidence of her own involvement, Regina quickly gets rid of a chipped shovel that she previously used to bury the box containing Kathryn's heart just in time since Emma shows up the next day with a search warrant. Regina parts with her precious ring in order to obtain a poisonous apple from the past in the Enchanted Forest. After the curse is cast, Regina wakes up in Storybrooke, where she is the town mayor and now has everything she has ever wanted. Regina gives Sidney fake phone records for Emma as substantial confirmation of an eight-minute conversation between David and Kathryn. When he states a child can bring so much meaning to one's life, Regina begins looking into adoption agencies, but comes to Mr. Gold for quicker help. With this, regina uses blood magic that only she can access to unless someone from her bloodline can infiltrate it, like Zelena did before their first meeting with each other. At nightfall, Regina pulls out the glass shard and drops it down a mine shaft vent down to the many pieces and remains of Snow White's coffin. Emma vows to make her pay, especially since Regina once took away someone she loved, and now she will do the same by fighting to gain custody of Henry. Concerned about the man's presence in town, she sends Emma to find out information about him. Sixteen-year-old Regina is very different from the Regina known by fans of ABC's "Once Upon a Time." She also mentions leaving behind a note for David to encourage him to continue a relationship with Mary Margaret. Emma checks through the garage, but instead finds a brand new shovel and guesses Regina was warned. Regina became the secondary tritagonist of season 6 and one of the main protagonists of season seven. ("Snow Falls"), Abruptly, a large earthquake causes a sinkhole to cave in. Though Regina is adamant she should be the one procuring the potion, Mr. Gold stresses that Emma must do it, and gives her a sword. To draw David back to Kathryn, she purposely gives him the wrong directions on his way to the Toll Bridge to meet Mary Margaret. Since the elevator to the dragon can only be operated manually, Regina has to stay and move the switch so Emma can go down to the lower level. Regina believes evil is not born, but made, but David doesn't think Mary Margaret is capable of that. With the enchanted heart, she can command the victim to do whatever she says. At one point, she lures Emma into saying that Henry is "crazy" right when the boy overhears her. One day, Regina saves a young girl on a runaway horse, only … Is "The Good Place" really the Bad Place? found out they were sisters, Cora cut their memories off, and forgetting they After the curse is cast, Regina wakes up in Storybrooke, where she is the town mayor and now has everything she has ever wanted. Fired up from Regina's attempt at setting her up, Emma tells the mayor to watch out. Regina also kills her own husband with the help of the Genie who she turns into the Magic Mirror. She later became known as Regina Mills, ruling Storybrooke as mayor with an iron fist. Lana Maria Parrilla (born July 15, 1977) is an American actress. Miraculously, Emma uses true love's kiss to bring Henry back to life, though this means trouble for Regina since the magic also broke the curse. While she believed this meant death, Mr. Gold simply kidnapped Kathryn and kept her alive for some time. She temporarily hands over Henry to Mary Margaret, and is shocked when her baby stops crying while the schoolteacher is holding him. As Owen exits the diner with his father, he gives her a key chain to thank her for letting him sit in her seat. Looking for something to watch? Because of this failure, she lets go of Sidney from his editing job at the Daily Mirror. Regina has practiced in the dark magic for most of the series, and later learns how to use light magic to defeat her sister. ("What Happened to Frederick"), During the Miner's Day Festival, Mary Margaret is publicly shunned by the residents for having an affair with David while Emma is dealing with an ongoing investigation into Kathryn's disappearance. Here are some dangling plot points we need answers to asap please. Regina confronts Mr. Gold over this, but he denies knowing anything, and believes the pressures of motherhood have gotten to her head. When efforts of using dynamite to clear an opening in the sinkhole fail, Emma uses Archie's dog Pongo to track his owner and Henry's scents to a grate with an elevator shaft below. Regina once wore light colors, but after becoming the Evil Queen, Regina has warned a darker wardrobe and redecorated the castle of her own control. This unexpectedly has fatal consequences as this only makes Henry more stubborn to prove the sinkhole has something to do with the curse. As a result, he goes into Mr. Gold's shop and remembers memories from his life with Kathryn before the coma. Regina offers to take Graham home, but he breaks off the affair with her for good. Once a happy carefree girl with a passion for horses - which was encouraged by her father Henry - Regina was constantly put down and punished by her mother Cora, who wanted Regina to marry someone with wealth and power, something Cora never maintained. Regina is one of the few characters from the first curse who is confirmed to have the same real name in Storybrooke as her Enchanted Forest counterpart; the others being David Nolan, Jefferson, and Mother Superior. “This version of Regina is something else. According to Isaac, Regina has "very clear goals, damaged personality, and a self-destructive streak"; she is also the villain who gets "screwed over" the most. She claims that he broke their deal since they both agreed that something tragic would happen to Kathryn. When Henry comes home with a blonde woman, she rushes out to hug her son, though he spitefully states he went to find his real mother. Eventually, Mr. Gold is arrested and placed in a jail cell by Emma. In return, she will reunite him with his daughter. However, her good mood comes undone when she realizes there are strangers, Kurt and Owen, who are staying in Storybrooke until their car is fixed. Regina demands to know why Mr. Gold turned on her, though he retorts that she should be smart enough to figure it out. As Emma leaves in a dejected state, Regina cuts off Emma's right to see Henry without her leave, and if she does, a restraining order will be filed. Ruby discovers the box, and after Emma runs some tests, she has no choice but to arrest Mary Margaret for murder charges. She gets faxed documents from Sidney about Henry's birth mother and discovers the woman was found as a baby in the woods eighteen years ago. Regina was possibly taught blood magic by Rumplestiltskin. From this, Kathryn begins to consider Regina a friend. Returning home, Regina is quickly getting stressed out by his fussy temperament and attempts to nestle Henry in her arms, which finally quiets him down. On another day, Regina discovers David has left his wife and bluntly tells Mary Margaret at the diner to stay out of the marriage as she will only destroy many lives.

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