restuff down couch cushions

The cost for the two new inserts was $24 and $29 dollars, (not totally unreasonable), but I also had to pay shipping and processing ($11) and tax ($5.28) = $69.28. Thats my foam inside a bag post vacuuming. Best of luck!! How do I go about re foaming them? If I could draw a picture of what I am thinking, it would help. Your vacuum! Me too!!! Love your blog! Click here for full disclosures). Ug! // ]]> Thank you for sharing your tips. I am sure someone could use all this feather/fill for projects. Get your answers by asking now. i did back and seat worked great. VERY disappointed in my PB experience! I just tried to call to order inserts and they are telling me they are not available. I have the same couch, and when I called Pottery Barn the customer service person didn't know why I was talking about when I asked for replacement cushion inserts. Learn a basic needle stitch to close your seam and repair cushion backs and couch where they were detached. The back pillows, I just bought a pillow and stuffed it up the zippered bottom. Made in The USA, Designed for Ultimate Comfort & Back Pain Relief. I only have three pieces, left arm chair, wedge and right loveseat. And here it is stuffed and in place. What I ment to say was the wedge sofa cushion on the Pearce sectional has NOT held up!! I’d heard you could order replacement inserts from Pottery Barn, but I just never got around to it, until recently. Thank you so much!!! But, I don't know how to describe it to ask if anyone wants it. Put in foam and like new now. I was disappointed in this post as it is not actually "how to fix" the old cushions. Luckily, we only needed the back ones, but that's good to know for the future. The fibre fill went into the back cushions via the zipper, and into the corners of the seat cushions to make sure the corners stayed nice and smooth looking. sew back up and you have a nice stuffed couch. They will likely be able to re-stuff the existing cushions or wrap them with a sheet poly-fil (not lumpy like the bagged kind), or even make new using high density foam wrapped with poly-fil. Wait for a day when you feel like an adventure and just go for it! Required fields are marked *. We have the exact same sectional as you and replaced the inserts in the same cushions as you about a year ago. Have also carefully detached back cushions using a seam ripper. What’s crazy is the normal no arm cushions are $24. The vacuum allows you to suck all the excess air out of the new cushion foam (when done with the use of a plastic bag), so it’s easier to slip inside your existing couch cushions. Your email address will not be published. If the existing cushion covers don't have zippered edges, snip the stitches along one of the casing seams, insert an upholstery zipper and sew it in place to provide convenient access to the stuffing materials inside. With the back cushions and the fibre fill did you remove the old stuffing or add to it? Choose a foam labeled "high resilient" for durable sofa cushions with reduced sagging if you have rambunctious kids and active pets. Measure your sofa's cushions. I don't know how to sew but decided it couldn't look any worst. Good luck! I believe there are a lot of “sad sofas” out there. Thank you Thank you for your post. Good luck, and thanks for visiting me! And this sectional is now 12 years old and still going!! Can you please give more specifics on how you did this? If your thinking about it, just go for it. So I used a $11 box of poly-fill from Walmart to stuff them. Let’s take one more look at the “sad sofa before”…. Yours looks lovely. Subtract 2 inches from each number, giving you 18 by 33 inches. If you or anyone knows what's inside these darn cushions, please let me know. Yes, you can and any upholstery shop in your area will have several different types from which to choose.

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