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Though Rational or Natural Theology has no essential relation to Revealed Theology, still the former must take account of the latter. You can call it an umbrella concept under which some functions occur. Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related to With epistemology, metaphysics forms the core of any philosophical inquiry. This unconscious world-view is the germ of philosophy. You can also have many more philosophically tenable positions. (Fichte), “Philosophy aims The theological concept of religion which is reflected in the popular ones centers round as supernatural power, other than independence, of human experience. This sense of goodness or propriety or duty is central to all human thought and behaviour. The origin of To him Beauty is Truth, and Truth is Beauty. Only their methods are different. DMPQ- Woods dispatch is known as Magna carta of English education in India. Also, show your acquaintance with the scope and nature of ethics. the science and criticism of cognition”. Exactly in the same way, under the brand name or umbrella of philosophy, you have some activities called epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, theology etc. If we are constituted in such a way that we cannot know the reality—if knowledge is absolutely im­possible, it is quite useless to investigate the nature of the reality. (ii) an explanation of the nature of knowledge and its relevance to human life. And that is called epistemology. Ontology investigates the nature of reality. The poet sets a greater value on the warmth and fervour of the heart. ’’ Therefore. That knowledge is empirical and wisdom is valuational. Just as you cannot completely specify the scope of science: whether it is physics, or physics and chemistry; or it includes botany and biology and anthropology and psychology and sociology……. From the ancient time, the common tendency of man is to That knowledge is theoretical and wisdom is practical. For in the past, philosophy was the only sustained search for knowledge. Though, it is true that a particular group of philosophers accepted its spiritual version and another one accepted it in its secular form. Whether the real completely reveals itself in the process of knowing or a portion of it remains beyond the reach of knowledge? On the other hand, man’s inner experience is of primary importance for the psychoanalytical writers and humanist thinkers with existentialist sympathies. It was a searching inquiry into the deeper values of life. close affinity with psychology. Or does it realize an end immanent in it? It is also an umbrella concept under which activities of physics, chemistry, biology, botany, psychology etc. Philosophy:Nature and scope The word ‘philosophy’ is derived from two Greek words philos and sophia. Then there is another difficulty which we have to encounter: the random and reckless use of the term philosophy. Being imprecise, it cannot be accepted as a concept of philosophy. If you are walking on the pavement and an old man has fallen down- you will have two choices before you: (a) let me pick up the person, (b) why should I waste my time? Or is it a new entity different from matter? of philosophy from different perspective. There is philosophy of life, philosophy of business, philosophy of science, philosophy of history and philosophy of what not. Ethics,’ Logic and AEsthetics are normative sciences, which seek to explain certain mental phenomena by norms or ideals. The scope keeps on increasing or expanding. Ethics is the study of human conduct based on moral impulses and wisdom. In the same way, though you cannot have a detailed scope of philosophy; it has to include the core areas of philosophy. Religion is a matter of simple faith, reverence and enjoyment. Philosophy and Both of them try to grasp the nature of the universe, and to understand man’s place, function and destiny in it. If you are walking on the pavement and an old man has fallen down- you will have two choices before you: (a) let me pick up the person, (b) why should I waste my time? But simply stating that philosophy is love of wisdom does not carry any sense any more. A poet is a man possessing a higher sen, Shakespeare is such a poet and dramatist of the world who has been edited and criticized by hundreds of editors and critics  Dr. Samuel Johnson is one of them. world such that we can do it? The poet seeks beauty in the universe. Different facets of reality influence the human mind in different ages in the history of mankind. The humanistic aspect of philosophy is emphasized in recent years. subject. SCOPE OF PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION • The scope of philosophy of education is concerned with the problems of education. A particular theory of knowing leads to a parti­cular theory of being; a particular theory of being presupposes a particular theory of knowing.

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