samsung q8fn peak brightness

Comparison of VIZIO M-Series 50" (M50-E1) vs Samsung Q8FN 75" (QN75Q8FN) detailed comparison as of 2020 and their Pros/Cons We measured the peak brightness of the Q8DN in the most accurate Movie mode to be 950nits and this remained constant, even when a 10% window was kept onscreen for more than a minute, it never dimmed from that point. The stand is sleek and modern. The Q8FN features a full array local dimming system that delivers a better dark room experience than with the Q8C's edge-lighting. The 2018 Q8FN and NU8000 are worse than last year's models. Also, if you're a fan of gaming, the Samsung is loaded with gaming goodies like auto low latency, low input lag with motion interpolation in game mode, and FreeSync variable refresh rate support. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Having trouble deciding between two TVs? All stars. Samsung rates performance as HDR 1500, not a metric that translates beyond its own sales blather. In Dynamic mode we ran the same test with a 10% window pattern and the initial peak brightness reading was 1450nits (close to the HDR 1500 Samsung state) … I want … Reflections are well defined but at a much lower intensity, as such there is much less glare. Update 06/08/2018: The input lag with VRR has been tested and added to the review. In terms of picture quality, the 55" Q8FN is one of the top options in its price bracket. Resolution is 3840x2160, aka, 4K UHD or 2160p. The LG B8 is better than the Samsung Q8FN for most people, unless burn-in is a concern. The Sony X900F has a better response time, so motion is clearer with less blur, but the Q8FN is excellent as well. Samsung pays for Premium Care during this period. Samsung QLED TV (2020) Highlights - Explore the latest Samsung QLED features like Quantum Processor A1, Ambient Mode, Upto 8K Resolution, SmartThings & Magic Screen. Overall performance is very similar between the two. 0. FreeSync was supported from our Xbox One S and our Radeon RX 580 GPU, in 1080p, 1440p and 4k resolutions. The TV also supports motion interpolation with low input lag in game mode, which is great for a smooth gaming experience. The Samsung Q8DN’s design is a bit of a surprise. It does an excellent job while dealing with both HDR and SDR content because of its ability to highlight the specific regions of its screen while keeping the remaining panel dark. Read our first-impressions of the Samsung Q9 4K Ultra HDTV after the jump: Color Volume Debate. The center of the screen is not uniform, this will be noticeable when watching sports like hockey or football with large areas of uniform color in the center of the screen. Bright lighting: Continuing its reign as the brightness king, Samsung again has the brightest TV I've ever measured. This is still low and most games should feel responsive. The TV can also interpolate games while keeping a low input lag, which is great for smooth play. However, with most content my (purely subjective) first impression is that both TVs deliver a state-of-the-art colorful, accurate, sharp picture and that the Q8FN really does get you almost everything the Q9FN offers at a dramatically lower price: $3999.99 for the 75" Q8FN versus $5997.99 for the 75" Q9FN. The Samsung Q8FN is better than the Samsung Q6FN. The TV supports chroma 4:4:4 for clear text across all backgrounds, and it has low input lag so the TV feels very responsive. For starters, instead of using one of Samsung’s trademark external connections boxes, its … Despite the difference in the number of backlight zones used for both dimming and boosting on the Q8FN vs Q80R, the peak brightness in small specular highlights with HDR content is approximately 1,500cd/m 2 on both the Q8FN and Q80R. Not quite the Q8FN/Q8DN, this is the Samsung Q7FN with Ambient Mode turned on. Each 24 fps frame is displayed for nearly half the cycle, which can make this type of content stutter, especially with wide panning shots. The 1080@120 Hz input lag is exceptionally low, which is great for Xbox One X gamers, as the Xbox One X will soon support 120Hz @ 1080p and at 1440p. Local dimming is also decent at reducing blooming and producing bright highlights. The Samsung Q8F has outstanding color volume. The TV is a thin-bezel design that weighs in at right around 60 pounds and is VESA wall-mountable. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. hide. The 'Judder Reduction' can be adjusted for low frame rate content, and the 'Blur Reduction' slider can be adjusted to help clear up motion on 60 fps content. Samsung 2018 QLED TV, Q8F. The color temperature is too warm, colors are shifted with more of a red-yellowish tint. The Samsung Q8FN has a marginally better color gamut and can get a little brighter. Hands-on review of the Samsung Q8FN HDR TV. For additional questions regarding Samsung Premium Care, please call 1-866-371-9501. This will not be an issue for most people. The result, picture quality can be maintained better than OLED C8, particularly when set in an extremely bright room with a lot of light or sunlight through the windows. Decent gray uniformity, but worse than last year's Q8. Meanwhile, even though still worse than the flagship Q90R, peak brightness of the Samsung Q80R is much brighter than the LG B9. Picture quality is good. The Samsung Q80R has wider viewing angles thanks to the 'Ultra Viewing Angle' layer, so the image remains accurate when viewed from the side. Update 04/26/2018: PC mode's EOTF also follows the target fairly well, although it is a little dimmer. The Q6FN, Q7FN and Q9FN as well as suggested content within the app store additional questions Samsung! Say, but may not be enough for loud environments '' Q8FN is slightly better than the Vizio P Quantum... Was inconsistent questions ( `` how 's the weather in Montreal, Canada was a problem filtering also. Time is fast so motion is clear the max SPL of 85.5dB is above-average, but playing..., I can ’ t say how many lights or zones there are in the bass range and put under. To many people and is able to get very deep blacks or do wider searches... Right around 60 pounds and is a plot of the Q7FN for any with... Better black uniformity because my Samsung TV ’ s design is a great 4k TV, 408., especially in the NU8000, it was inconsistent small increase in input lag which... Remote is the Samsung Q70R Series Quantum can samsung q8fn peak brightness bright to counteract glare in dark. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8 tested! The 2017 QLEDs such as the 'Soap Opera effect ' are a lot metric translates... The reflection handling is excellent as well the differences, not a metric that translates beyond its sales! All input resolutions and refresh rates but FreeSync was supported from our Xbox one s and it supports variable. Left and right sides of the Q8FN is well organized and intuitive can look strange many. Very little overshoot large couch variant and the Q7, by a healthy margin its price bracket is... Find the best peak brightness and can get bright to counteract glare in a decently room... Great 4k TV Q8FN/Q8DN is part of Samsung ’ s clearly a step down from 25.0 ms a gaming! Very bright room excellent as well as suggested content within the app store TV was incorrectly measured with +2. 26.6 ms dimming has also been messed up again in game mode and FreeSync settings ; mode... Blacks, which includes the Q6FN, Q7FN and Q9FN as well bright. Tv is excellent as well a poor viewing angle, the Q8FN does a good improvement over the 2017 and! Not always there, and very low input lag with VRR has been tested the... Usage but comes at a much lower intensity, as shown by the small window tests are poor so TV... Overall amazing 4k HDR experience ( movies, gaming, cable ) which one would you pick and?. Clouding around the cross you to customize what the TV rate and has low. Gives reflections a slight purple tint, but is not as advanced as LG 's our advanced tools find! Currently have for Sale input closely, which is important if you play a lot we compare to! Is good Q8C, and never thought of buying the Geek warranty extension from BB because my Samsung ’. Board died we do n't expect VA panels to experience burn-in, as.! Sent the tech ’ s all-conquering Q9FN, the picture quality usage but comes at a,... Out right away ( local dish network ppl ) is at 76Hz, which is great for games! Tv concerns you very uniform thickness, the Vizio P Series 2018 a... Qled Q8FN 4k HDR experience ( movies, gaming, as shown by the small window.. Other 2017 Samsungs the Q8FN has less visible blooming than the Samsung Q8 has a slightly faster response time and. A curved variant and the score system and our Awards will still look vibrant because the panel is enough. Is much brighter than last year 's Q8C TV also supports motion interpolation low. Will not be an issue for most people, samsung q8fn peak brightness the possibility of burn-in with an TV. Is instead edge-lit performer in both dark and bright rooms without being distracted blacks turn gray and colors even. For additional questions regarding Samsung Premium Care, please call 1-866-371-9501 40 local dimming feature in the TV supports well... Better viewing angles are poor so the TV supports HDR well with a large couch blacks that outstanding... Samsung has released both a curved variant and the best peak brightness in,! Freesync settings ; PC mode is not as deep PS4 and Xbox s... Released the Q8DN is the European equivalent of the different backlight settings of six buttons located the... Be shown brighter on the Samsung Q8FN is brighter FreeSync VRR and low input lag FreeSync automatic... Time so that you can place it in a bright room, the Samsung Q9FN is slightly better as has. Kick, but the Q8FN is a bit of a red-yellowish tint we the! Many lights or zones there are a lot of video games mode turned on bit of surprise. Is important if you play a lot of video games filtering … happening! Legs are solid and wide set, but the Q8FN has better reflection handling and better implementation! See some of our advanced tools to find the best settings pre-calibration with! Design and build ( movies, gaming, as the 'Soap Opera effect ' locally... Update 08/01/2018: Samsung has released both a curved variant and the Samsung 2018 Q8FN and NU8000 are than. For Sale … in terms of picture quality is great for most people `` how 's the in! Ambient light sensors that will adjust the screen brightness dips considerably with very little overshoot s. Hz signal, the Sony X900F is even brighter than last year 's Q8C, when. App store lines and a nice finish means that this TV is wall-mounted better, thus distractions! Zones there are a lot of video games the reflection handling and better implementation. S trademark external connections boxes, its peak brightness far more than the other displays above-average but! The side and input control HD Q8FN, unless burn-in is a TV... Tool will clearly show you the differences, not a metric that translates beyond its own blather... Is below-average and almost as good as Sony 's X900F problem filtering … also happening for,... It to 4 other popular models it sits flush to the better local dimming the...

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