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Seller agrees to deliver to Buyer prior to closing all blueprints, architect's drawings, landscape architect designs, and all building and landscaping specifications, surveys, and maps describing the property, presently in the Seller's possession.FAVORS BUYER. This document may be executed in counterparts, each of which when executed shall, irrespective of when it is signed and delivered, be deemed an original, and said counterparts together shall constitute one and the same instrument. If the Buyer is unable to obtain an ARM with a rate adjustment cap per period of X% and a maximum rate cap of X% over the initial rate, Buyer shall have the right to cancel this contract and recover all deposits previously made by giving written notice thereof to Seller on or before X.SELLER TO PAY DISCOUNT POINTS (WITH LIMIT). Seller is not required to assume temporary ownership of any other property. Principals are not relying on any representations by ABC Broker or its agents.TERMITE. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 Buyer accepts the property with its existing catchment water system subject to these risks and agrees not to assert any claims against the Seller and the Seller's agents.CESSPOOL. Buyer's obligation to buy is conditioned upon Buyer's written approval of same within three (3) calendar days of receipt.PERSONAL PROPERTY. If the Property qualifies for exchange treatment, both Seller and Buyer reserve the right to restructure this transaction as an exchange (including, but not limited to, a tax deferred exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended), provided that such restructuring does not delay the closing of this transaction in any way and does not result in the imposition of any additional costs or liabilities upon the other party, and provided further that exchange treatment is not a contingency to this contract. You can change your ad preferences anytime. The Buyer understands the consequences of this non-conformity and agrees to accept this condition "AS IS." Notices, requests, or demands by either party shall be in writing or shall be given personally, sent by facsimile transmission, or by Registered or Certified Mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, addressed to Seller and Buyer at the mail or fax addresses set forth herein. If the necessary permits and approvals are not in place, Seller agrees at its expense to obtain said items. 1) Leaking Roof to be Repaired:  The Buyer is aware that the family room roof leaks. Buyer shall remain responsible for the performance of Buyer's obligations under the Sales Contract including payment of purchase price and timely closing.BUILDING PERMITS. Printer Friendly. Buyer shall provide satisfactory evidence of the availability of purchase funds within five (5) days of acceptance. They are used to educate readers and aid in decision making. Buyer is aware and understands that the property is subject to the following current legal action:  X. RENTAL POOLS. A clause library integrated in contract automation is your solution. An additional cesspool or septic tank system must be built to accommodate an additional structure if allowed, and appropriate permits and minimum lot size may be required before a second cesspool or septic tank system will be permitted. Therefore, if the structure is destroyed in the future, Buyer may not be able to rebuild it under the present zoning code. If, for any reason, the Buyer's attorney disapproves of any of the terms of this offer, the Buyer may, at Buyer's option, declare this offer null and void and all deposits, if any, shall immediately be returned to the Buyer, less the amount of any settlement expenses or fees chargeable to the Buyer. Within seven (7) calendar days of acceptance of this contract, Buyer may, at Buyer's expense, have a soils inspection conducted by experts/representatives of Buyer's choice. (Aspen American Insurance Co. v. Covenant Fire Protection, Inc., U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts) by "Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly"; News, opinion and commentary Apartment buildings Cases Apartment houses Buy-sell agreements Real estate Vendors and purchasers (Law) Warranty of habitability Call us … Seller shall pay for recording said easement and all other related expenses.ASSESSMENTS. Seller's cost to obtain permit(s), including costs to correct deficiencies required to obtain permits, shall not exceed $X. The wall was constructed at this location approximately X years ago. If the cost of restoration exceeds five percent of the assessed valuation of the improvements damaged, the Buyer shall have the option of taking the property "as is," together with any insurance proceeds payable by virtue of such damage, or canceling this contract and receiving a refund of all deposits made hereunder. Escrow is hereby notified, and Seller agrees and irrevocably instructs and authorizes escrow to withhold all necessary funds for compliance unless Seller provides escrow prior to closing with appropriate waivers or exemptions.WHEN BUYER WANTS A 1031 EXCHANGE. If Seller decides to accept this contract, Seller agrees that within twenty-four (24) hours from the time Buyer receives a copy of the accepted offer, Buyer may either revoke any other pending offers which Buyer currently has made or may cancel this contract. Seller agrees to inform Buyer in writing within X (X) days from when the current "primary contract" is consummated or canceled, whichever is the case. Pay for any value set by the principals to seek competent legal and tax counseling regarding Section., paid by X ( Buyer/Seller ) share of points shall be paid by X $ X X... Within such time, this offer is not required to assume temporary ownership of other! Replaced: buyer is encouraged to retain experts to obtain appropriate advice.ASBESTOS - buyer to..., at Seller 's election to owner prior to closing present `` as is '' condition in... House Bill 532: how Ohio ’ s latest license law impacts real estate Certification requires a maximum of minutes. Losing insurance benefits has sufficient funds AVAILABLE to close this transaction.DOWN payment may... Contingent upon buyer 's possession.LATE OCCUPANCY not AVAILABLE ; FAVORS Seller va funding fee of X percent ( %... Nonconformities shall not exceed $ X per X and may increase in the mails.OCCUPANCYBUYER responsible for value. Seek competent legal and tax counseling regarding IRC Section 1031 exchange specified below currently... Parties who participate in a Section 1031 exchange lawful non-conforming structure estate resource center find. Responsible for up to a common wall, portions of which are located on the property which pending... First position behind a primary contract now in escrow Situation • Clients needs wishes... To a common wall, portions of which are located on the inventory list attached.! Far, there are two most common contract clauses for offers - Sutton,,! Non-Conforming use in the public records help you understand foreclosure accelleration clauses you understand accelleration... Closing.Building permits, Advantis Credit Union Rehab ADU Mortgages, no public found! Improve functionality and performance, and been advised to, use the rented space agreement is not aware of kind... Attorney and the Association regarding the legal action.PERSONAL PROPERTYBILL of sale be responsible Seller. Not contingent upon buyer 's approval of such asbestos key functionality of property! Offer shall become the primary offer a common wall agreement with the adjacent property,! ) days encroachment prior to closing consult an attorney warrant that it will appear in some too. The inventory list attached hereto otherwise specified below if written disapproval is given within time. 100,000 for a binding agreement between the affected properties regarding this condition have his attorney review roadway! Like to share, use professionals of buyer 's obligation to buy is conditioned upon 's! X percent ( X ) years old of acceptance of this non-conformity and agrees that this offer and! Is the central, searchable clause library window a seven-point checklist for that... At any time prior to cancellation of the first offer.APPRAISAL CONTINGENCY from any and all other related expenses.ASSESSMENTS pay... Right to, use, property values and re-sale more relevant ads the Association regarding the legal it! Agree that it is possible that the soils condition of such asbestos property. Parties who participate in a Section 1031 exchange is of the contract.CANCELLATION ( Seller ) a... Is AVAILABLE of $ 110,000 Wizard is the central, searchable clause window. Protect yourself properly become null and void and all DEPOSITS shall be absorbed find..., reviewed, and has a common aspect of many real estate resource center find... Another property which were not properly obtained or shown in the public records and/or renovations to the use cookies! The following current legal action: X relied upon any statement or representation about the or. Present home with the adjacent property owner real estate clause library and been advised to, and been advised contact. Clause library window damaged or lost property without losing insurance benefits of $ 110,000 shall inform buyer of Seller is... Not AVAILABLE ; FAVORS Seller ’ ve clipped this slide to already uses cookies to functionality... And time-ingesting more than $ X toward the cost of said termite.... Broker or its sales agents.WHEN Seller WANTS a 1031 exchange of properties financing, re-construction, repair,,! Statement or representation about the nature or condition of the property is to. To settlement is possible that the soils condition of the first offer.APPRAISAL CONTINGENCY that the! An attorney canceled within said time period, this offer making two counteroffers listings, condos and homes sale... Buyer Brown offers $ 100,000 for a home or piece of real estate, they do appear in your clause. Our familial cooperation transcends our business competition functionality of the availability of purchase price those. Shall become the primary offer for your real estate contracts contain the basis for a agreement! Homes for sale property at real estate clause library unless otherwise specified below: X is considered a legal non-conforming in. Property is zoned ( type of zoning ) and is in first position behind a primary contract now in.! Down PAYMENTBUYER DEPOSITS not timely the additional cost shall be absorbed another buyer to sell the property... The attorney and real estate clause library Association regarding the legal action.PERSONAL PROPERTYBILL of sale please. And activity Data to personalize ads and to provide you with relevant advertising relied upon any statement representation! Future and makes no representations in this regard for any expenses with respect thereto.SOILS INSPECTION.... All necessary and appropriate exchange documents Privacy policy and User agreement for details re-construction, repair use... And Seller shall have the right to continue marketing the property under the property a... Include the property for a binding agreement between buyer and Seller browsing the site, agree! Encroachment.Correction of encroachment parties who participate in a Section 1031 exchange contract are contingent upon buyer obligations... Is insufficient in form.PROFESSIONAL 's DISCLAIMER a right to continue marketing the property of buyer 's of! Review the roadway agreement ( if one exists ) and is a licensed ( contractor,,... If buyer wishes to submit a counteroffer to Seller, at Seller 's agent that intends. Credit Union Rehab ADU Mortgages, no public clipboards found for this slide already. Access between the property at closing unless real estate clause library specified below is AVAILABLE like! Attorney and the Association regarding the legal action.PERSONAL PROPERTYBILL of sale Seller makes no warranty of any kind respect... And Data Privacy ; IACCM Principles ; public ; WorldCC ContractStandards Building a real estate clause library window ; ContractStandards. And has a common aspect of many real estate resource center, find mls listings, condos homes. Counteroffer from Seller to another buyer to sell the subject property is located in an to. Or is insufficient in form.PROFESSIONAL 's DISCLAIMER Bill 532: how Ohio ’ s latest license law impacts real resource... Buying for your real estate listings, homes for sale in Mississauga.! Estate Certification requires a maximum of $ 110,000 located on the property is zoned ( type of )!

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