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Starfleet conscripts from these worlds were paid. Because of this, the Empire was able to engage in technological research and development considerably earlier than its United Earth counterpart in the prime universe. Here's some of the titles Roman Emperors used: [LINK], – Father of the Fatherland is easy, we turned that into Mother of the Fatherland (even tho we de-gendered Emperor, it felt right). Georgiou's "millenia" could be construed as hyperbole. When the Vulcans landed, their leader was shot by Cochrane, the ship ransacked for its technology and its remaining crew tortured for technological information. Use this SMS app alone or as a ✦ TREK ✦ Total Interface companion. Enterprise and the I.S.S. Michael Burnham summarized this information by identifying the Empire as the antithesis of the United Federation of Planets in every way. The Dark Story of the Mirror Universe and the Terran Empire. ('After Trek' Gives Details On Georgiou's Meal, Mirror Stamets, Terran Empire History And More; [5]), Additionally, Nardino considered that Centaurius was the first system colonized by the Terrans owing to its proximity to Sol, thus resulting in the then-ruling Emperor taking its title in tribute. Alpha Centaurans (conquered and enslaved en-masse in 2074) San Francisco, Earth (Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Mirror Broken"), For the next several decades, several humans and associated races were enslaved by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. In the mirror universe, the Terran Empire is a militaristic Human-dominated governmental authority controlling Earth and surrounding space through the use of the powerful Imperial Starfleet. Integrated Vulcan technology allowed for the Empires territory to strive vastly. (DIS: "Despite Yourself"), Humans of the prime universe could be violent, but violence was so ingrained in Terran culture that it self-propagated as an evolutionary survival mechanism, resulting in a strength that Michael Burnham described as "painted rust" – a facade hiding mutual fear between target and potential killer. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly"). ('After Trek' Gives Details On Georgiou's Meal, Mirror Stamets, Terran Empire History And More; [4]). (DS9: "Crossover"), In 2364, after years of using hit and run tactics and collecting resources to survive, the Empire decided to take the fight directly to the Alliance after being inspired by Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the ISS Enterprise-D. Later in 2366, the Enterprise crew crossed over to the prime universe where the attempted to steal the USS Enterprise-D to create a series of Galaxy-class, however they were stopped by there counterparts. In 2372, inspired by their prime universe counterparts, a group of Terran rebels working on Terok Nor (DS9's mirror counterpart) manage to take the station from the Alliance. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly") One of the Empire's early outer space conquests was a landing on Earth's moon, Luna, where it planted its flag. Dominus is a harsher title the Emperor at the time took as a result (and Georgiou kept for herself). Additionally, Imperial ships use an "ISS" prefix (Imperial Star Ship) instead of the prime Starfleet's "USS" (United Star Ship). Directed by James L. Conway. But I firmly do not believe the Terrans are merely a continuation of the Roman Empire. However, unlike the Federation, the Empire did not send Voyager into the badlands. Trillions Following the destruction of the ISS Enterprise and the death of Captain Forrest, Commander Archer and his away team commandeered the USS Defiant. Unknown to the empire, the Federation had sent four fleets to the mirror universe to attack the mirror Earth and take the Emperor and Empress prisoner. Many of these rebels were, however, wiped out by the Emperor's flagship. Human literary works as far back as the 16th century show a divergence, except for Shakespeare. It's paternalistic / delusional. The Excelsior was then transported to a version of the mirror universe where it encountered the ISS Enterprise-A and the ISS Ranger. After the conclusion of the battle, the Janus Prime vortex is destroyed; as is the Excelsior's way home. In the game Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force, part of the story involves going through a scavenger base composed of many species' ships. The flagship of the Empire was the ISS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Maximilian Forrest. 1. Instead of the Vulcans gradually releasing technology to Earth over time, the Terran Empire applied the stolen Vulcan technology to a policy of aggressive interstellar expansion. The Terrans looted the Vulcan ship and reverse-engineered its technology. (TOS novel: Spectre), In another alternate timeline, the Terran Empire was the result of the defeat and subsequent occupation of Earth in the Earth-Romulan War in the 2150s. The crew of the mirror Enterprise-D are assigned a new mission to devise a means of bringing a ship from the prime universe into the mirror universe and then return after replacing its crew, the Empire having run out of territory that it can easily conquer in its own universe, but the Enterprise crew of the prime universe manage to sabotage their efforts and devise a method of detecting future incursions. It was related to Kira Nerys by her mirror counterpart that Spock had apparently disarmed the Empire and left it vulnerable to conquest by an alliance of Klingons and Cardassians, and that humans and Vulcans had become slaves. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unfortunately, during the retrieval operation, the Tholians attacked Enterprise and destroyed it, stranding the boarding party aboard the Defiant. In truth, Lorca somehow switched place with his counterpart in the prime universe. Unfortunately, Spock's reforms left the Empire unprepared to defend itself against the emerging threat of a united Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, which managed to conquer the entire Terran Empire, turning the Terrans themselves into a slave race. While her plans were thwarted, and the Discovery returned to the past, Killy remained at large. This, and the timely arrival of an Imperial assault fleet lead by the Defiant allowed Sato to regain her position and have Shran executed. On the topic of Terran history and the meaning behind mirror Philippa Georgiou's elaborate title, Nardino stated: "All Hail her most Imperial Majesty, Mother of the Fatherland, Overlord of Vulcan, Dominus of Kronos, Regina Andor, All Hail Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius." (DIS: "Die Trying"). Archer and the survivors of the Enterprise regrouped with the assault fleet but found only the ISS Avenger remaining, under heavy attack from a rebel fleet. The Empire fell, and Terrans and Vulcans became a slave caste of the Alliance. In the eary 24th century the empire was fighting a hopeless war against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance until the 2330s when the empire was finally defeated and reduced to the Sol System, where the empire rejected Spock's reforms. 24th century Terran Starfleet badge emblem. There are usually external or internal pressures that cause them to be that way," he commented. Augustus: the Terrans see themselves as inheritors of the Roman Empire so their Emperors take the title of its first Emperor. In 2008 Emperor John Grantor passed a bill that ended Slavery of Blacks and Native Americans. She allowed her new husband to appoint Andorians to high-ranking positions in the Admiralty, intending to ensure the obedience of the remnants of Andoria's military forces. Instead of welcoming the Vulcans in a spirit of friendship and understanding, the mirror Cochrane killed the first Vulcan to set foot on Terran soil, with a shotgun, as the Humans boarded and ransacked the Vulcan ship after killing the first officer also. A freak transporter accident transported an away team from the primary universe over to the ISS Enterprise while there the James T. Kirk from that universe suggested to mirror-Spock that the Empire could not continue, and that the only logical solution was peace. Imperial Senate Military: Due to the rapid initial expansion made possible by the captured Vulcan technology, the Empire's hold on its territories was initially weak. The following year, Admiral Leeta defeats the Iconians 200,000 years in the past and takes challenges the Emperor's power using a combination of future technology from the Temporal Liberation Front and aid from the Pah-wraiths.

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