starvation in a sentence

1 General atrophy or emaciation is brought about by the tissues being entirely or partially deprived of nutriment, as in. A regional famine early warning unit reports that up to 3.3 million need food relief with 380,000 facing imminent starvation. 2. The harmful materials given off by combustion injure the airways and lungs in three ways: heat damage, tissue irritation, and oxygen starvation of tissues (asphyxiation). Under the present system the industrial chief exploits the proletariat, the members of which, though nominally free, must accept his terms under pain of starvation. Unable to dislodge the Illinois, the Pottawattomies cut off their escape and let them die of starvation. Edible wild herbs kept us from dying of, 5. Verses II, 19 (dearth of food), 20 (danger in the field, starvation in the house) agree curiously with Neh. Examples of starvation in a sentence During the Irish famine, many citizens were dying from starvation because no crops were growing in the fields. One rescued from starvation during a famine. 130 69 He is said to have died of voluntary starvation, being threatened with total blindness. During the voyage home Greene and several others were killed in a fight with the Eskimo, while others again died of starvation, and the feeble remnant which reached England in September were thrown into prison. I only wish he knew himself what starvation is. Becoming aware of three general types of sentences can help you vary the sentences with the word “starvation” in your writing. Each time you go on a diet, your protective mechanism goes a little deeper into the starvation mode. Examples of risk of starvation in a sentence, how to use it. And so he has no middle course between absolute, The rum-seller will only pull down his sign through the, And together they received a vision of the death by, How very little margin lay between this country and, He saw clearly and mentioned often that his had been a case of, The natives recovered at once and all traces of their, It was difficult to realise that men at that moment were dying of, No doubt many of the earlier birds die from, A failure of the pine-nut crop was a harbinger of a, Starvation in a sentence | Short example sentence for starvation[Class 1-5], Storeys in a sentence | Short example sentence for storeys[Class 1-5], Stodgy in a sentence | Short example sentence for stodgy[Class 1-5], Chloride In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for chloride in a sen[Class 1-5], First Stop in a sentence | Short example sentence for first stop[Class 1-5], Pickup in a sentence | Short example sentence for pickup[Class 1-5], Unwell in a sentence | Short example sentence for unwell[Class 1-5], Bringing in a sentence | Short example sentence for bringing[Class 1-5], Crayon in a sentence | Short example sentence for crayon[Class 1-5], Hierarchy in a sentence | Short example sentence for hierarchy[Class 1-5], Cull in a sentence | Short example sentence for cull[Class 1-5], Sheep in a sentence | Short example sentence for sheep[Class 1-5], Culling in a sentence | Short example sentence for culling[Class 1-5], Slaughtering in a sentence | Short example sentence for slaughtering[Class 1-5], Chickens in a sentence | Short example sentence for chickens[Class 1-5], Extermination in a sentence | Short example sentence for extermination[Class 1-5], Pigs in a sentence | Short example sentence for pigs[Class 1-5], Cattle in a sentence | Short example sentence for cattle[Class 1-5], Slaughtered in a sentence | Short example sentence for slaughtered[Class 1-5], Words to describe Starvation | Starvation Adjectives. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In September 1825 Ibrahim, at the order of the sultan, had joined Reshid before the town; piecemeal the outlying forts and defences now fell, until the garrison, reduced by starvation and disease, determined to hazard all on a final sortie. died of winter starvation, providing abundant carrion for eagles. In fact, starvation is proven to be quite counterproductive if your goal is to lose the right kind of pounds. Examples of starvation in a Sentence. from the lake is Death Valley (including Lost or Mesquite Valley) - the name a reminder of the fate of a party of " forty-niners " who perished here, by thirst or by starvation and exposure. Mitochondrial disorder can be aggravated by starvation, illness and extreme environmental conditions. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday! This involved making the poor wear prison uniforms and only providing enough food to avoid starvation. It looked as if the skinny dog was suffering from starvation because his ribs were sticking out and his tongue was dragging the ground. Vanquishing world child hunger and starvation might only be a chimera. But starvation, that’s a possibility. On jelly-fishes are to be found species of Hyperia and their kindred, so fat and wholesome that they have been commended to shipwrecked men in open boats as an easily procurable resource against starvation. 2. From 200,000 to 300,000 perished of starvation or of fever caused by insufficient food. Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered; hundreds of thousands set marching for Syria and Mesopotamia perished on the way by hardship, disease, starvation; those who escaped became fugitives; from first to last at least three-quarters of a million Armenians perished in Asia Minor in a population of less than two millions. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Refusing food and shelter, and forcing people to suffer starvation is as bad as killing people with bullets in a dictator 's regime. Many of them fell into the slough of pauperism, and were saved from starvation by public doles. › Disorganisations [disˌôrɡ(ə)nəˈzāSH(ə)n], › Photovoltaics [ˌfōtəvōlˈtāiks, ˌfōtōväl-], © 2020 stave off starvation throughout the winter. The famine brought mass starvation. Two years ago, FAO warned that Iraq risked widespread starvation. It was a race against time to stop people dying from, 7. Provisions were scarce and dear, communication with the rest of the world was infrequent, and in 1807 the community was threatened with starvation, and flour was sold at £ 200 per ton. He died of starvation in Tierra del Fuego. - Fatty degeneration of kidney from case of starvation. I only wish he knew himself what starvation is. extreme hunger to the point of being life threatening, During the Irish famine, many citizens were dying from starvation because no crops were growing in the fields. At last both Wills and Burke died of starvation. But repeated or sustained use could cause serious harm as the body is plunged into and out of starvation rations, bouncing weight up and down like any other yo-yo diet, and straining the body's systems to run on far too little fuel. Wagner's retouching of Gluck's Iphigenie en Aulide and his edition of Palestrina's Stabat Mater demand mention as important services to music, by no means to be classified (as in some catalogues) with the hack-work with which he kept off starvation in Paris. At the end of some months, however, he was calumniously accused of conspiracy, and the caliph, seizing the opportunity of ridding himself of a possible rival, threw him into prison, where he died, according to the majority of the historians, of starvation. Emergency aid could save millions threatened with, 3. The West's inaction has put millions of people at risk of, 26. Reported reverses to the enemy are proclaimed as crushing defeats, Germany is represented as within measurable distance of starvation, bankruptcy and revolution, and only yesterday a poster was issued in London, declaring that half the Hungarian army had been annihilated. And if that were not enough, he killed by starvation in the name of a program called—I kid you not—"The Super Great Leap Forward.". Not only the workmen and the large class of idlers attracted to Paris by the system, but rentiers and government officials, whose incomes were paid in assignats on a scale arbitrarily fixed by the government, saw themselves threatened with actual starvation. Cats are instinctively afraid of starvation. Penalties in the New Kingdom were death (by starvation or self-inflicted), fines, beating with a certain number of blows so as to open a specified number of wounds on as, many different parts of the body (e.g. Incarceration was no doubt practised by irresponsible masters, regardless of personal rights, callous to the sufferings of their victims, to which death by starvation or horrible neglect was a welcome relief.

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