sundews for sale near me

Members of Drosera grow in many different climates, from hot and … D. 'Marston Dragon' -$10. From the cape of South Africa comes this marvelous sundew; a variable species that offers everything the plant lover could wish for. We're a mail-order Carnivorous Plant nursery near Asheville NC specializing in Sarracenia pitcher plants, Drosera Sundew plants, Venus flytraps and Sarracenia seed for sale. Where to Buy or Trade Sundews Many growers ask me where they can trade/purchase sundews or seeds. If you're interested on being on my mailer list, please contact me … … extrema x dichotoma, like many plants in the binata complex a hardy and sun-loving variety that can reach more than a foot … A perfect beginner's plant! This cultivar is a hybrid cross between D. multifida var. Carnivorous house plant adds interest to your indoor garden that even children will love. I have a list on file of the seeds and prices that I'm offering. Shop Gubler 6-oz Carnivorous Plant in Plastic Pot (Greenhouse) in the House Plants department at Lowe' Sundews Sundews - Drosera is one of the most widely distributed genus of carnivorous plants, surpassed only by Utricularia. Cape sundews are large and handsome …

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