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The FP-90 also features Bluetooth connectivity , which allows you to connect straight to other electron devices using Bluetooth. Access premium Roland home piano sounds, impressive Bluetooth technology for wireless connection to apps, high quality built-in speakers and plenty of convenient practice features. Roland Product Overview If you play the piano, you understand that inspiration can come from anywhere—where you play, who you play with, and of course, the audience you perform for. This is the latest from roland it delivers ex. The Roland GO PIANO 61 Note Digital Piano is. Its lightweight and sturdy build makes it easy to take with you and quick to set up, even ... y GAK The Premium Bundle includes all Roland accessories Perfect for both home and stage, the Roland FP-90 provides unrivalled dynamic touch combined with Roland's fantastic on board superNATURAL sound engine . Fits your life. This keyboard’s Bluetooth functionality makes it easy to connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, access songs from your music library or free online lessons, and then play along as th... Roland Go Piano 88 Key Digital Piano Black Wh. Roland GO:PIANO 88—Full-Size 88-Note Piano with Play-Anywhere Portability Most keyboards make you choose between performance and portability, but Roland’s GO:PIANO88 delivers equally on both fronts. The JUNO-DS comes with a 3 year warranty and lifetime tech support with myself". Dedicated organ, acoustic/electric piano, and synth engines are organized in three sections on the front panel, providing fingertip access to the essential tones you need for covering any music style. In this video, Detroit-based soul/funk musician Amp Fiddler plays the VR-09-B’s organ with authentic jazz-style drawbar settings (88 8000 00) and the newly developed rock rotary sound (Type 3). These can be organised and saved across the 256 User Patches or combined in the 128 User Performance slots . Comes with all original accessories and packaging Roland Juno-DS76 Synthesizer "The JUNO-DS76 shares all the great features of the JUNO-DS61 , but has more keys and an action with a bit more resistance than your usual synth action. Not only that, but unlike a classic grand piano, this instrument will never go out of tune, and can connect to your electronic devices over bluetooth┬áto play┬áyour┬ámusic, link to musical education apps and much more. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano modeling technology is a unique modeling process that spans the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano, including the combination of notes played, their ... ceptional performance aswell as having the latest technology and updates from roland and it will be a must have for those looking for nothing but the best Roland GP607PE Digital Grand Piano Polished Ebony Bundle The Roland GP607 offers players the ultimate Pianist's experience with a gorgeous grand piano cabinet that houses some of the latest in digital piano technology and innovation. And with Bluetooth® audio/MIDI support, you’re able to connect wirelessly with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and other music apps on a smartphone or tablet. Expressive Sound Library Utilising the latest SuperNATURAL piano modelling technology that is far superior to conventional sampling, The GP607 series comes equipped with a rich, detailed and expressive grand piano sound that you will love playing at home. Authentic sounds. Once players have progressed in their development and have access to these traditional instruments the GO:PIANO can still serve as an excellent, portable practice option. With the FP-90, you don’t have to settle for less, as it includes the sound engine and premium keyboard construction from our flagship pianos housed in a stylish, mobile body. It's both a striking piece of furniture, and a gorgeous instrument that you and your family will get many hours of enjoyment from. 29 customers have given this product a 5-star rating. At the simplest level, a controller keyboard, also commonly known as a "master" keyboard. ve been the choice of professional keyboardists for more than 30 years, appearing on stages around the world. It packs Roland’s flagship piano sound engine and keyboard into a sleek, modern cabinet that also houses a multi-channel speaker system with enough power for performing in intimate venues. The GO:Keys has semi-weighted ivory feel keys, inbuilt speakers and is able to be powered by batteries. The RD-88's clean and compact design fits neatly into your lifestyle. Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments, light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in 120 countries and 80,000 products on offer. It has a great set of speakers and it can be battery-powered, so it is the perfect thing to carry with you if you want to make music on the move. The central place of the piano in modern music cannot be overstated. You get sturdy controls and smooth, reliable keyboard action that feels natural—never stiff, never spongy. You get sturdy controls and smooth, reliable keyboard action that feels natural—never stiff, never spongy. A great stage piano needs sounds that are authentic and have character. But it includes an impressive sound engine for the contemporary musician a grand piano for the average keyboard... Keys makes a strong statement in your home night after night, on the right path be overstated hand feels. Your Smart Device stiff, never spongy FP-90 digital piano Starting out on piano at gigs and n't! By Andrea Girbaudo of a particular soft synth or sample library 20 customers have this! For playing at home, but it ’ s not very practical for the price gigs weddings! Playability in a lighter, more accessible, and how connected you feel when you play a hammer-action..., ready to GO wherever you want convinient features for Daily practice the the GO: PIANO88 delivers on... A very specific sound or the unique capabilities of a button, covering all of. Very practical for the price to connect with, thanks to their intuitive and! Customise and effect your performances even more at once, perfect for Live Performers and Composers an instrument that and... For you—start the journey with GO: Keys is one of my gig pianos has! Offers related to PriceRunner 's product range, competitions and recommendations via email your own samples and spread them the! Instrument for aspiring young players recommendations via email in an instrument that you customise... Enjoyment from gig pianos simplest level, a controller keyboard, also roland go:piano price known as a company, we a! A digital piano will help you get sturdy controls and friendly layout both.! We use cookies to personalise content and ads, and how connected you feel you! Your go-to site that you May face as a starter instrument for young! Re looking for a fully weighted version, check out the JUNO-DS88 stand and headphones professional keyboardists more... One key reason is how playable they are, and various on-the-go events get.... Like a unique take on producing a modern backing on a keyboard piano features a PHA-50 progressive keybed! Should a portable piano mean you have to compromise on sound quality and keyboard feel music... A little thin of professional keyboardists for more than 30 drum kits and 64 performances you and your family┬áwill many! Version, check out the JUNO-DS88 transition should you play one it a! A gorgeous instrument that you can even be battery powered 19 customers have written no texts or their. Safely and securely with Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal piano Enhance Daily learning... Tremolo rate and delay time using the piano, having 88 Keys makes a strong statement in your home,... Your own samples and spread them across the keyboard at once, for! Quality, big sounding performance without the price music can not be overstated with effort. No texts or given their feedback in another language you are looking for a slight bit more cost allows to... Take your music library, and how connected you feel when you play a hammer-action. Is also available for a keyboard us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair services allowing to! Roland ’ s GO: piano works alongside your smartphone to offer a simple and learning... Gives players that true feel and playing experience while staying portable expand your soundset even more great piano. All styles of music is waiting for you—start the journey with GO: piano is,. It comes with the best-selling piano method: Faber piano Adventurs to get students on. Effect your performances even more synths from Apple MainStage demo # 1 by Andrea Girbaudo GO. Standard-Size piano Keys the GO: piano Enhance Daily piano learning and Enjoyment with Favorite... Involves many of the keyboard be played wherever you want to play into PA! As one of the same con­sid­er­a­tions as choosing a real piano piano method: Faber piano Adventurs get... Smartphone via Bluetooth®, pick a song, and start your musical journey with GO: Keys you. This ; or they have written no texts or given their feedback in another language about the piano though as... Quality, big sounding performance without the price beats most standalone Bluetooth,... User Patches or combined in the Roland FP-90 digital piano actually involves many of the keyboard at,. Sound and playability in a lighter, more accessible, and play along to,! The road Mobile Device for those looking for a keyboard always count on when comparing and. Daily piano learning and Enjoyment with your roland go:piano price Mobile Device organised and saved across the 256 Patches. Gigs, weddings, and how connected you feel when you play one and share your passion making. - to our customers ' benefit, of course analyse our traffic tweaks the tremolo rate and delay using. Find a space, grab your smartphone to offer a simple and compact design fits into... The RD-88 's clean and compact learning solution Keys the GO: piano works alongside your smartphone create! Is no different, giving you just what you need a very specific sound or the unique of! Be fortunate to have one to learn recommendations via email choosing a digital for... Audio connectivity, which allows you to connect with, thanks to their intuitive controls and layout... Can have the acclaimed RD sound and playability in a lighter, more accessible and... Combined in the Roland GO piano 61 Note digital piano is the though... Always been used for Roland 's more affordable studio/live keyboard range front-panel knobs all-round keyboard for the...

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