surface tension of liquids table

Quorn is made from the soil mould Fusarium venenatum strain PTA-2684 (previously misidentified as the parasitic mould Fusarium graminearum). QUORN is a meat substitute that is popular with vegetarians and the product is primarily made from an edible fungus - known as mycoprotein. Play video. Environmental … Quorn is a meat substitute developed in the U.K. Here's the lowdown on the vegetarian meat … View product range. The fungus is grown in continually oxygenated water in large, … Quorn® is an alternative protein source made of mycoprotein, a unique and nutritious food source that can form part of a balanced diet while supporting the health of the planet. It is a protein-rich food from fungi (mycoprotein) obtained by cultivating a fungus (Fusarium venenatum) in vats on a glucose-rich medium. The fungus … ‘Myco’ is derived from the … Quorn is a meat substitute product originating in the UK and sold primarily in Europe, but is available in 14 countries. Quorn is sold as both a cooking ingredient and as the meat substitute used in a range of … Watch our video to learn more about mycoprotein and how Quorn is made, enabling you to make great tasting meals, in a way that's good for our planet.

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