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For example, if you play Gideon Balckblade, which is both a planeswalker and a creature, then you can choose to put either a loyalty counter for a planeswalker or a +1/+1 counter for a creature. The expansion offers 254 new MtG cards and introduces a new type of Calix planeswalker. This combo is viable in Modern as well, likely in a Devoted Druid shell. In celebration of the imminent launch of Theros Beyond Death, we’re…, Theros Beyond Death is just around the corner, and all the new cards have been…, Hark, and hear the hounds of Hades howl! Unlike Spellbomb, Soul-Guide Lantern can pick off a card when it enters the battlefield which should help to disrupt your opponent enough so that they can’t bully you into cracking it early to pave the way for more graveyard shenanigans. Ox of Agonas isn’t a card designed for speed, but for longevity, similar to Conflagrate. Though this spell is most likely a sideboard piece, we’ve seen cards like Mystic Denial see play in Modern maindecks based on the fact that they could be used against spells that don’t fit their “plan A” criteria when needed and I don’t think it would be embarrassing to run one or two of these in your 60. There are also new enchantments in Theros Beyond Death, which is why you will find so many enchantment-based synergy cards, including Sagas and cards with the Constellation mechanic. At just three-mana, Heliod seems to fit very nicely into most creature toolbox strategies involving cards like Collected Company, Finale of Devastation, or Chord of Calling. Haktos is always immune to tokens, as zero- and one-cost cards are out of the question. Every time it gets blocked, the Hydra grows in size, and that can get out of hand really quickly. That is its ability to loot. Denial exists as a hybrid between Mana Leak, Disallow, and Flusterstorm and that is an awful lot of utility for a format that requires a diverse set of answers. Brine Giant. Purphoros’s Intervention can be either a good removal or a finisher depending on your situation. All three of the benefits described in the last paragraph (defense, ramp, and the Omen effect) check boxes for Scapeshift decks, especially, and I’d expect this one to find a permanent home in those types of decks very quickly. Turn 2 Land, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, Land. Sure, Dream Trawler doesn't buff other creatures like Lyra, but it protects itself rather effectively. Saga cards are back in Theros Beyond Death! This Sphinx creature isn't exactly Lyra Dawnbringer, but it has many similarities. Underworld Breach is definitely a strong Magic card but in a Modern that no longer has access to Mox Opal, I find it hard to believe we can assemble an effective and consistent combo that involves this tool that isn’t slow to accumulate or weak to Rest in Peace. Ox of Agonas. This list was made using our Metagame page: we collected information from 5-0 decks, Playoff winners, Challenge, Star City Games and other tournaments. Dredge seems to get a new toy with the printing of Ox of Agonas. If you plan on ranking up this season in Magic Arena, Magic Online, or tabletop MtG, then be sure to check out these 15 best cards from Theros Beyond Death set. Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea. CARD KNOCK LIFE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH, ENDORSED, SPONSORED, OR SPECIFICALLY APPROVED BY WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC. Since it's in red, you can easily put it even in your red aggro deck. It’s relatively easy to put a lot of your own cards into the graveyard in Modern, but you need to have a payoff. Constellation is a returning keyword in Theros Beyond Death that interacts heavily with enchantments. The first time you cast Uro, you pay 3 mana for 3 points of life and a … Obviously, you need a ton of discard spells to sustain Uro. Additionally, Denial can be brought in to deal with Storm strategies such as Grapeshot and Empty the Warrens, counter both cards involved in a Cascade effect (most notably, Bloodbraid Elf), counter triggered abilities from cards like Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle or Amulet of Vigor, and simply, step in when additional counter magic is needed to deal with combo strategies or in creature-light match-ups where you’ve got removal spells to board out. Alirios, Enraptured. So if you're planning on using a lot of enchantments, Archon of Sun's Grace should be in your top picks for this meta. Gods, demigods, and giants inhabit the world of Theros Beyond Death, the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion. Active effects that nullify the Ironscale Hydra's effect, such as Questing Beast's passive, may also work. This deck also sports a total Mountain count of…zero, relying entirely on Dryad to make Valakut work. That's a lot of damage, which can result in a victory on turn four already. On top of that, you can use this creature to draw more cards, which is something mono-red decks always struggle with. Banishing Light. While Ox is not an 8/8 Trample creature, it does provide some very important utility that Hogaak couldn’t even dream of. But don't exclude the infamous mono-blue lists that dominated Magic at one point. But with its card draw triggers, including one with each attack, this is one of the most broken cards in Theros Beyond Death. In addition to this list of the best Theros Beyond Death cards for Standard, be sure to check out our other MtG guides here. Its just as important that Ox allows you to discard cards as it is that it lets you draw them as Dredge players lose a lot of games when they draw into lots of Dredge cards but no discard spells to enable them. Angel tribal decks have been doing really well in the past Standard seasons, and it looks like a Pegasus-based list with enchantments will have a similar impact on the upcoming meta. Of course, you can't choose it yourself, as the effect is random, but it will work in your favor more often than you'd think. Here we will show the most played cards of Theros Beyond Death in the Modern format in the last two weeks. New releases affect Standard more than any other format, but I’m here today to talk about which cards will break out of Standard and into Modern. A three-mana 2/4 provides an excellent blocker for aggressive creatures while keeping itself safe from three-damage burn spells like Lightning Bolt. This will be the … Surely other players looked at this as skeptically as I did at first, but Heliod has grown on me. Suddenly, it was showing up in Valakut lists as a replacement for Prismatic Omen, as it gives the ability to deal 36 damage on turn three, which will nearly always be lethal. Surely other players looked at this as skeptically as I did... Ox of Agonas. It costs only 1 mana more, but it has the same power if you count both draw step and attack steps. While that remains to be seen, the time is right to engage in everyone’s favorite new set pastime of speculating! The Devoted Druid decks already plan on killing with Walking Ballista once they have infinite mana, but it seems easy to find room for a single copy of Heliod. Taranika has similar potential. Besides that, you can fling it into red-green Stompy, Jeskai, or even Grixis lists for good measure. It's simple and effective, and all three effects are relevant. If your opponent ramps into an early planeswalker, then you can finish it off using Purphoros’s Intervention's second ability, and if there are no blockers on the opponent's side, then use the first ability to finish them off. This becomes most relevant when dealing with Eldrazi spells like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger which are notoriously very back-breaking to Modern control strategies. Archon of Falling Stars. Its natural home is alongside Grinding Station: Underworld Breach + Grinding Station + a zero-mana artifact will let you mill your entire deck. As the days went by, the applications for Dryad became more obvious. In this regard, it is very similar to Geist of Saint Traft, a Modern and Legacy staple, which is a remarkable card that has been a favorite of many Magic players for many years. Ox of Agonas seems to be a perfect fit for Modern Dredge. Soul-Guide Lantern is the next installment in a long lineage of one-mana artifacts that deal with the graveyard. Nyx Lotus. This means that your opponents will not be able to cast your best spell for free, and you will still be allowed to keep five of the six cards you've drawn. Heliod and Spike Feeder both cost three mana, so you can find them both with Collected Company and assemble the combo much more easily. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks are looking to use this effect to win via Scapeshift one turn earlier but can also tap fetch lands for mana so that they can be used later to fetch for Mountains and deal damage with Valakut once it is online. Importantly, Heliod is a very difficult combo piece to interact with as Indestructible non-creature enchantment removal in Modern is seemingly limited to Teferi/Cryptic bounce, Detention Sphere, or Ulamog/Karn Liberated. Exiling eight cards to return Ox to the battlefield can be tricky, but Dredge will likely find room for 1-2 copies in of our new farmland friend.

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