thiox indigo vat

The indigo vat can last for several weeks or months if properly tended. I really hope that this helps anyone out there who is walking the same Indigo path as me! Stir the vat carefully, return the lid to the container and let it rest for about 15 minutes. And like any indigo bath, it can be refreshed with the addition of more dye or more chemicals, and you can keep it going for a long time. A healthy vat has that coppery sheen on top end a flower in the middle. , which makes the water alkaline, a must for the proper reduction of our indigo. Added thiox it shifted slightly, but the next day returned to it’s same sullen dark blue with a tinge of dark green to it. Shelf life is about two years, if stored in an air tight container. Measure the reducing agent and add half of it it slowly to the indigo alkaline solution while slowly stirring (the dry powder). This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. Use measures similar to the original addition. At the end of the class each student will prepare a natural fermentation vat to bring home in a jar to tend to. Please do a test sample first. I have had a few successful sessions in the past. Gallery of indigo-dyed cotton samples You’ll see them in tote bags, purses, you’ll even…, Running a handmade business tends to ebb and flow around the needs for inspiration, product creation and of course maintaining…, Valentine’s Day can be a particularly polarizing holiday. and this was doing nothing.I heated it up, I fed it chemicals, it laughed in my face! Top up hot water to a bit below the rim. My raw silk yarn didn’t appear to fully take the dye as it appears more like washed denim. Good luck :). With a dowel or stirring stick, stir in a circle, going in one direction. Try to dissolve the Soda Ash by adding a little boiling water to it. As you go along you’ll find natural dyes are not an exact science. Now that you've fallen in love with your Indigo Vat you'll want to know how to keep it as healthy and happy as possible. Please do a test sample first. 4. It is important to add small amounts of amendments at a time and allow the vat to rest between each addition. Color turned out great and lasted several days--actualy a couple of weeks in a diaper pail with a lid. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 days at the most … Adding hydros when I probably needed to add soda ash has given the shibori a “cracked” look! Until the late 19th century indigo was obtained from plants, the most significant geing Indigofera tinctoria. Add the paste into the alkaline water while stirring well, add a bit of hot water to the little bowl and rinse to not waste any indigo paste. First add half a cup of vinegar to make the vat ph neutral and whisk the vat vigorously to add oxygen. Drag and Drop chips to the Palette first. You can’t just add more hydros. Wool: this fibre is damaged with high alkalinity, therefore the urine vat which is a low alkalinity vat is the most suitable for recipe for wool. Mix and match them to get the best discount. Keep stirring until dissolved. Let the mixture settle. It’s not similar to anything else I’ve used before, but learning its secrets has been really exciting. Our directions offer English metric measuring options and temperature guidelines. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Rachel is the content marketing lead for the CreativeLive Craft Channel. Your email address will not be published. I make stuff with my fabric, but not as much as I would like too. Keep stirring until dissolved. At this point, add something like washed fleece, or a skein of yarn, to completely exhaust the color from the vat. Try it again. Wonderful and easy to use. 1 mason jar of another glass jar of at least one liter I only dye for fun not for sale or anything. This indigo vat recipe calls for the use of iron which can actually stain and muddy your fabrics if too much of the sediment comes into contact with the fabric that you're dyeing. The paste should turn shiny on the top. I’m having horrid woes currently with my vat. Ph level should be anything between 9 and 11. However, it can take a long time, even several days, for the pH to get that low. Quite intense color! For setting up this indigo vat I used the ingredients of our Indigo Starter Kit, that has enough ingredients to set up and maintain your indigo vat. Pull out without dripping back into the solution, we are careful not to add oxygen to our vat! Natural Indigo, and Synthetic Indigo, takes a considerable amount of effort to get it into a working dye bath. Keep stirring until you no longer feel any grit or lumps. You can see bubbling happening. So I hit it up with lye and turned up the heat once more. Use ½ teaspoon of thiox or hydros dissolved in a cup of warm water and gently add that to your vat. Ohhh... so this is what an empty cart looks like! The third ingredient is soda ash, which makes the water alkaline, a must for the proper reduction of our indigo. This specially formulated indigo is already 60% reduced, therefore, it allows you to use Soda Ash instead of nasty Lye in the dye vat. The paste should turn shiny on the top. Your discount is figured on the total number of cotton and rayon items we ship, not how 5 grams of indigo = 1 lightly heaped table spoon of indigo powder, 5 grams of Spectralite or Thiox = 1 teaspoon, 12 grams of soda ash = 1 + 1/2 table spoon. The list below will help you choose the best vat for your set up. The eternal blue of indigo, one of the most ancient dyes. Put a lid on the vat and it will be ready for another dye session when you need it. For a WEAK vat; use 2 grams of indigo For a Medium vat use 3/4 grams of indigo. I am now hooked! A little goes a long way! a little bowl for mixing. Be sure to follow Kaari’s steps exactly in order to create the crucial bloom and end up with a perfectly developed concoction: 1. Per 1 liter of water; All different kinds. If it is still looking too blue or speckly or milky or anemic  add another small amount of the appropriate additive for the current issue. And I get it; they look elegant and sometimes you can’t even…, “Darts appear in all kinds of projects – garments and beyond. i never done a hydros vat- haven’t even used the chem vat lately(for me that is a thiox vat) but i wonder if you might invest in a ph meter. I have to assume, because your flower didn't form well and your pigment washed out, that your problem was with the Thiox, which is the reducing agent in the vat. First add half a cup of vinegar to make the vat ph neutral and whisk the vat vigorously to add oxygen. A cylinder shaped container with a tight fitting lid works the best. Copyright © 2020 CreativeLive, Inc. All rights reserved. You can use the instructions below to dye beautiful blues with Mayan indigo, Tamil Nadu indigo, woad and natural indigo dyes on a very wide variety of materials. Dip into the solution and keep it there for a few seconds. Your directions were perfect and easy to follow. Again, add to the vat gently, stir carefully and return the lid to the container and let it rest for about 15 minutes. I had this exact problem 2 days ago. There is no need to grind, then paste up the Indigo granules because they dissolve easily in water. The fleece, even with two or three oxidizations, should remain a light to medium blue. The water will still be blue but you will start seeing the following; A coppery film will form on the surface a flower starts to form on the surface Hope your journey in Japan is rolling out beautifully – thanks for the response. Depending on how string your vat is, you will need more or fewer dips in the vat to get your desired colour. However you must make sure you rinse the silk well after you have taken it out of the vat and the silk has turned blue, but before it has dried. When you visit your vat you should alway check in with it. The water underneath is yellow or green. -The Iron vat has been used since about 1750, and the zinc vat since about 1845. Stir in one direction so the elements dissolve evenly. Add the Indigo and the Thiourea Dioxide or Sodium Hydrosulfite to the vat and stir. great explanation of working with an indigo vat. I can't believe the beautiful blue colors! With the eucalyptus trees we have here you are set to go. Extremely easy to use, Pre-Reduced Indigo makes setting up an Indigo vat almost effortless. -Urine and fermentation vats are the oldest, having been used for centuries with locally available ingredients. Love the pre-reduced Indigo. STEP ONE - making the 'mother' in a mason jar.

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