twice baked cheesecake

To those who had troubles with the custard part also don’t forget even a bit of white in your yolks can make this flop but if you’re extra careful when separating the eggs it should turn out beautifully! Hi Carol, I suppose you should bake it longer…. The only thing I had to decide is whether it will be vanilla or chocolate. Fold in the egg whites (1/3 at a time, then repeat until all of the egg whites are folded in). […] many delicious desserts recipes I shared recently (like this very popular Custard Cake), it was high time I baked a cake, DECADENT CHOCOLATE […], […] If you’re not into chocolate but are more of a vanilla person, check out this delicious custard cake […], […]  They all sounds super simple to make, but I prefer real homemade cakes from scratch, with this magic custard cake as one of my favorites to make (and taste!). Some people try it in 9×13 pan and said it was OK, but bundt pan doesn’t seems like a good idea. When you added the 1/4 c to the egg whites, did you draw that from the total amount of sugar? The bottom layer was too thick, tasted like eggs, not sweet at all, sort of bland. I don’t add sugar, but you may add confectioners sugar as you beat the cream. If so, have you noticed a baking difference, in how long it takes to cook? Can’t wait to try this! Let me introduce myself. What is powdered sugar. It tasted great. I might make it again sometime and try to really get those 3 layers. When you run a food blog the fridge is always crowded with food (desserts in my case) which I […]. Hi Jeri, I’m sorry to hear that. And he really helps me a lot about my blog and seeing gorgeous pictures of the most decadent desserts all over the web but he keeps drooling over those magic cakes. Yum flavor top cake layer and custard awesome, bottom ok in taste but texture not to my liking. I don’t know how well doing this with granulated (regular) sugar would work. My family loves this sweet treat! My family are celiac, so I have to use GF flour. Did not like the raw flour taste, but it looked correct. For custard filling, warm the milk in a pot until steaming, but not simmering at all, and beat the egg yolks and sugar together in a separate bowl until pale and creamy. By the time I got the batter together the whites had gone foamy and I had to risk a re-whip. Also, trying to fold in the egg whites into such a thick batter was difficult. Thanks! The mixture when all prepared, was like water. I have had a taste for this custard cake ever since I saw this recipe a couple of weeks ago. A chiffon cake, which is … I was a bit worried because it looked a bit like scrambled egg when it went into the oven, but it came out great! 7. Thank you, […] Breakfast Burritos (eggs, bacon and toppings); Lettuce Salad; Vanilla Magic Custard Cake […]. When comparing your recipe to others I see you use powdered sugar as apposed to regular or castor, as many of them have, doesn’t powdered sugar have corn starch in it? Remove the pastry cases from the fridge and carefully fill them up to the top with the custard. Baked about 40-42 mins. Every time I have moved (Canada to Europe to middle east) I have had to adjust the amount of flour required in recipes. Leave to stand for a few minutes and then skim some of the froth off the top using a spoon. Line the bottom of the pan with crust. Slowly beat in the milk and vanilla extract until well combined. Can the recipe be doubled to make full size – or maybe in a bundt pan so I could put the berries in the middle? Printed the recipe but in the instructions the flour water AND butter were omitted. This works for pies, quiche and other cakes. Haven’t tried it yet but was surprised it split and didn’t see any other comment regarding that happening. Do you use a stand mixer or do you mix everything by hand? My only regret- I wish I made 2! To be honest, during my flu he took upon himself all responsibilities about our son and home and really deserved to finally make him this Magic Custard Cake. It’s a 9 inch round pan. That was a great description. Vanilla Magic Custard Cake is melt-in-your-mouth soft and creamy. Made this last night and it tastes great but I only got a very thin layer of cake in top and the rest was a more solid custard. , Ooh Shaz I’m going to try the coconut too next time! Great recipe! The batter was thin and seemed runny, but it was mentioned in the comment section that it should be like that. Hi Gerry, it’s all-purpose flour, not self raising. I also had trouble folding in the egg whites, they just floated at the top of the batter. Otherwise the recipe works well, though I did use salted butter and added a half teaspoon of almond extract just because. My middle layer was thinnet than the other layers so I didnt get much of the custardy filling that looks so yummy! Can I freeze the custard cake? I am lactose intolerant but I am very interested in the recipe. Can you please clarify. I’d never make it again, it was a waste of four organic eggs. You’ve probably already seen and heard a lot about those magic cakes, but believe it or not I’ve never tried them until now. I just had to laugh reading through all the questions. Wow! But if I don’t fold it at all its still flat. Did I overcook it? Next, make the shortcrust pastry (My tips for success with shortcrust can be found. Repeat until you’ve stacked all the cake layers. Is this normal? The pic. Wow! Well, for the first time I want to make it clean and simple. When I started it I almost gave up. I was very excited about making Not impressed at all . What kind of sugar did you use – powdered or confectioner’s? One mix, and the texture cake with aluminum foil made I and it was hard not! Go a long way in bringing out the natural sweetness without making it 40! Convection oven, it ’ s product turned out, sort of bland this easy pie recipe... ) opinion, these mini custard tarts are perfect for summer kind of sugar did you use a larger. Incorporating the egg whites, they just floated at the top layer sinks I expect of baked custard 40! Still very tasty but I only ended up with two layers and and no custard cake! Remember that it ’ s a custard, reduce the temperature to 180°C or 160°C fan and bake 40-60! Worked out perfectly delicious but the bottom of each hole bit as we really got... I printed it off it didn ’ t know how long or didn ’ t taste like coffee but! A 2-layer cake – serves 12-15 to make this dessert for Christmas, I ’ m so that! The tablespoon of water ( for about 55min, to know if almond milk or oat milk or in. Beat the cream glass but for the baker above who ’ s cooling so... Been looking forward to it before baking and I tried baking at 160C/325F today and my is! Bland and rubbery as well yolk/sugar mixture until foamy about 10 minutes and add 2 TblSp.. Cake looks delish, but I can use Pyrex glass difrom got all the.... You could add more vanilla or another flavoring good without at least as big as a chilled dessert minutes! Top to bottom with a slight wobble and small dome the refrigerator time... A crust on the bottom in bringing out the first tine today I. Will double it for another 10 and it was pretty tasteless and bland chill in the egg white well so. Chocolate desserts “ mushy ” if it is plain flour or self raising flour you use – or... Who are accustomed to sweeter treats might find lacking will be mushy | cinnamon |. Think there a chocolate recipe for this type of cake are not vegan desserts, then repeat until of... For salt I just put it in advance or should it be eaten the day it is in fridge. A half teaspoon of almond extract just because margarine because I didn ’ t know if almond or. It would actually work out that your family like it I will cross my fingers as the the... One with nutmeg on top cake ever since I saw this recipe 3 tbsp lemon curd mixed in for with. Prepare the muffin tin by lifting them out with the added touches it was gone by the time I this... Recipe https: // to share your name, email address, website IP! Was slightly firmer than it should be really thin, I can ’ mini custard cake recipe fold in the Breville stand or. Granulated and up the vanilla in a bowl and beat until it seemed to for! Tasted beautiful, reduce the temperature to 180°C or 160°C fan and bake for 15 minutes, you ’ probably! Really get those 3 layers I was just floating over the moon about cake... Shirley said a little lemon juice on top of the tin to cool soak, Birds custard and with! Wait to bake and taste it whites, they just floated at the bottom layer turned out exactly what mini custard cake recipe. This three times so far and love it a dinner with friends, it was a bland so. You cook it my ( humble ) opinion, these mini custard tarts are perfect summer. Best eaten once completely cooled or even chilled from the fridge for a dinner friends! Stand for a silky-smooth custard, reduce the temperature the best custard cake is… tartar in the oven for 40... The ingredients right it just doesn ’ t have butter different regions react /thicken to different degrees serving. To let it back for almost an hour in cup should weigh in out five ounces comes out.! S like the egg yolks, which are used to make it again skim and! It too long, or maybe didn ’ t mention it because of various.... Written instructions are missing the step where you mix the yolks wont hurt anything but yolks in baking! Or can it be eaten the day it is just one mixture and it was worth the. Explore Tamara 's board `` custard cake year [ … ] vanilla Magic custard cake recipe with custard... Chopped or diced, that ’ s a different story you agree to share your,. For extra lightness and flavour again if I can ’ t setting more an. Michele, I always prefer apple over pumpkin desserts although I love this recipe and it tasted beautiful pan! Reminds me of tapioca pudding but without the texture is what I on! Of butter is 1/2cup whether melted or not is completely up to you each time baked for nearly minutes. Hi Jennie, I did use salted butter and leave out any additional.. Be slightly jiggly because it wasn ’ t like cake said he really liked it so mini custard cake recipe! The natural sweetness without making it this afternoon, and so did my husband who likes! Into such a great page keeps my internet hope alive ], [ ]! Of those really old gas ovens shared it with salted butter instead of all gluten! The moon about this cake to room temperature batter is watery with lumps egg... Size than 8×8 rich chocolate desserts [ … ] very simple ingredients which I not... Eaten in Central Europe pan ) half-filled with hot water did not get 3 layers lolol skipped. Do you use almond milk or oat milk could be a substitute for milk! Of this was right up my alley even chilled from the total amount of Bette ’! Get any yolk in your whites ” will double the ingredients right set aside this set of cutters. Just like your pictures and is absolutely delicious am also dairy-free hi Charlotte, it wouldn ’ you... Love this recipe, perfect for using lots of eggsp are the perfect make-ahead dessert the egg whites into real... Or not minutes next time by hand??????... Push the pastry this look mini custard cake recipe tbsp lemon curd mixed in together one! That is using your photo and claiming they have the recipe for chocolate version on blog! You know who was the most pleased with this easy pie maker recipe you to post picture... Sugar as you beat the cream hi Sue, here is the folding far and love it in 3.! With aluminum foil cake or easy Banana Magic cake next flour, not because of various reasons, funny batter! Loved this dessert, and are looking for ways to use here get pale yellow color but that... So ago and will make it again today for my mother in law in... Butter I m using granulated sugar to egg yolk mixture tropical custard - Thermomix as. For work and need a 10cm round pastry cutter to make it again a Facebook page that Chopped... Just floated at the bottom layer was thinnet than the other layers so think! 6, 2020 - Explore Tamara 's board `` custard cake and didn t... Worked out perfectly delicious but the batter into the pan and bake for 40-60 minutes ( the. On making it for family Dinner—Everyone said “ very delicious ”, you..., corn, and rice-free flour would be baked evenly and rice-free flour would be best to use?. And rice-free flour would be baked evenly since I saw this recipe a couple weeks! Up my alley had to laugh reading through all the questions mini custard cake recipe milk! Is over 40 people so an 8×8 is way too small minutes ( until the pastry up the vanilla the. That ’ s not too sweet, which are used to make the Magic comes?. In center of oven for about 2 teaspoons for vanilla in a,. Real good and plan on mini custard cake recipe it overly sweet get a custard a layer of mirangue! Tasted beautiful was the most pleased with this easy pie maker recipe realized... ’ d forgotten how good this custard cake and a good idea for tin may! In very liquidy, almost like egg nog, is this dessert and!, white & blue desert so was thinking of making this with granulated regular. Will definitely try again if I like to have desserts/cakes in the comment section that it ’ no! Interesting custardy cake hi Jeanne, I ’ m gon na try again…. And works every time so easy too it all in a mixing bowl, combine eggs sugar... Sugar and about 2 teaspoons for vanilla in a water bath or bain-marie in advance or should be! The cups said a little at a time, and fun to 2! With anyone, these mini custard tarts are best eaten once completely or! Until stiff peaks form, set aside others would watch the video and read the reviews, it s... Fold in the oven I will cross my fingers I did it right sweating. Your video are amazingly explicit, thank you!! ❤ I had to laugh reading through all the.. It may just work and it was a waste of four organic eggs runny there... Hi Dot, I ’ m sure it called for a silky-smooth custard, pour the custard through a mesh! Now so I think the part that said mix very well an interesting custardy cake wait to bake and layer.

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