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B. B. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Antipsychotic medications effectively treat positive symptoms of schizophrenia, but negative symptoms often remain.5 Because of this phenomenon, medicated schizophrenia patients who do not report experiencing hallucinations or delusions are sometimes considered to be in the “residual phase” of schizophrenia, during which time the patient may or may not be categorized in the residual subtype. All of the following must be present to fit the criteria for this subtype: 3. There are 5 types of schizophrenia as recognized by the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and although many have similar general symptoms, there are various features that can distinguish one subtype from the others. Meanwhile, other symptoms of schizophrenia — such as disorganized speech, flat affect, catatonic, or disorganized behavior — are not present or are less prominent than these positive symptoms.2. Residual schizophrenia You may be diagnosed with residual schizophrenia if you have a history of psychosis, but only experience the negative symptoms (such as slow movement, poor memory, lack of concentration and poor hygiene). In order to make sure that the symptoms stay in remission, it is important to make sure that the individual continues treatment, therapy, and makes healthy lifestyle choices. The patient is preoccupied with at least one delusion (usually p… metaphorical, overly elaborate, vagueness). Other patients exhibit a strong “rigidity” (i.e. In this subtype, the symptoms involve motor disturbances, disturbances in movement, and “catatonia.” Usually individuals with this subtype will experience a major reduction in overall activity to the point that they stop moving, and may appear “frozen.” This frozen state with a complete lack of movement is called a “catatonic stupor.” They also may significantly increase movement and appear to be hyperactive – this is known as “catatonic excitement.”. I shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions within this website. The undifferentiated subtype is diagnosed when individuals exhibit general symptoms of schizophrenia, but do not meet specific diagnostic criteria for another subtype. In many cases there is also an emotional impairment in the person in which they exhibit odd emotional responses. This subtype is distinguished from the “residual phase” of schizophrenia. In other words, they can be molded like a “wax” figure. negativism) to the point that it is impossible to move any of their limbs. PDF | Schizophrenia is a major mental illness that is characterized by psychosis, apathy, social withdrawal and cognitive impairment. Most people experience a relapse of symptoms every once in awhile. Symptoms can be so severe and limiting that everyday activities can be difficult to complete. Paranoid schizophrenia is characterized by unreasonable suspicion and primarily positive symptoms.1 (Positive in this context means these symptoms are common to this condition and typically respond to medical treatment.) Amitriptyline (Elavil) Withdrawal Symptoms + How Long Do They Last? There are 5 types of schizophrenia as recognized by the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and although many have similar general symptoms, there are various features that can distinguish one subtype from the others. Despite the symptoms that are experienced, the people with this subtype may not appear to act bizarre or out of the ordinary – they may seem pretty normal. A person with any given subtype can be diagnosed as having “residual” schizophrenia as long as they are symptom-free or have low-grade symptoms for an extended period of time.

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