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Enterprise and her escort ships were scheduled to transit home after a seven-month deployment, but having just left Mombasa after a port call, were directed to remain in the area and operated off the east African coast for about one week. On 14 April, another Earnest Will ship, Samuel B. Roberts, struck an Iranian mine in international waters. Already tagged. [40][39] In August, the carrier joined the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, returning to Norfolk, Virginia on 11 October. In 1986, Enterprise was a setting of scenes in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. [citation needed], In 1978, Enterprise underwent her ninth Western Pacific deployment, including port calls in Hong Kong, Perth, Australia, and Singapore. The Enterprise....they have photon torpedos and warp drive. While on her last journey, the carrier cruised nearly 81,000 miles in a 238-day deployment to the Persian Gulf and her aircraft flew more than 2,000 sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. While they are considered to be an early form of "phased array" radar, it would take the later technology of the Aegis phased array AN/SPY-1 with its electronically controlled beam steering to make phased array radars both reliable and practical for the USN. The AN/SPS-32 and AN/SPS-33 radars, while ahead of their time, suffered from issues relating to electrical beam steering mechanism and were not pursued in further ship classes. It had also been the first time an American ship anchored in the capital's harbor, Hobart, since the early 1920s. Upon completion of this cruise in fall 2012, Enterprise was scheduled to be deactivated. 6. Help me find an Asian Romance/Drama that was on Netflix? (Orion Press: "The Blue Rose"). [68], The carrier and her strike group deployed on 13 January 2011. 4 propulsion shaft was replaced; it had been bent when its screw became fouled in a discarded arresting gear cable. [23][24], Enterprise was intended as the first of a class of six carriers, but massive increases in construction costs led to the remaining vessels being cancelled. According to the script, the design for the Soyuz-class was simply described as "clearly an older style starship.". [31] One CIWS mount was later removed and two 21-cell RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile launchers were added. Ships commissioned. On 24 September 1960, the ship was launched, sponsored by Mrs. W. B. Franke, wife of the former Secretary of the Navy. [54], In February 1988, Enterprise underwent her 13th deployment and was assigned to Operation Earnest Will, escorting reflagged Kuwaiti oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. USS Enterprise (CVN-65), formerly CVA(N)-65, is a decommissioned[14] United States Navy aircraft carrier. [citation needed], In February 1977, Idi Amin, the President of Uganda, made derogatory remarks against the United States in public and Americans in Uganda were taken hostage. SCANFAR was intended to be better at tracking multiple airborne targets than conventional rotating antenna radars. From August–November 1971, Enterprise was in operations on Yankee Station. The carrier had steamed 67,630 miles in operations with the Seventh Fleet. [82], At her inactivation ceremony, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that the next Gerald R. Ford-class carrier, CVN-80, would indeed be named Enterprise. SCANFAR consisted of two radars, the AN/SPS-32 and the AN/SPS-33. As USS Enterprise (CVN-65) was then one of the newest and most celebrated ships of the US Navy, occupying a similar status as the fictional Starship Enterprise, the aircraft carrier may have inspired a name change, though Roddenberry himself had already dispelled that notion in a 1973 radio interview, reaffirming that he had named his fictional starship after its illustrious World War II namesake. [77], Enterprise was deactivated on 1 December 2012 at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia. ? USS Bozeman. It took approximately three days for the ship's nuclear machinists to clear her condensers of river mud[citation needed]. removes tool for defrauded students, Chrissy Teigen gives first interview since pregnancy loss, ER nurse: Some patients still think COVID-19 is a hoax, Synagogue fined for massive maskless wedding. Late at night on 2 November 1985 with Captain Robert L. Leuschner, Jr. on the bridge, she struck Bishop Rock on the Cortes Bank during flight exercises, damaging the outer hull with a gash more than 100 feet in length and knocking out of one screw, a chip whose size was illustrated with a photograph of a Navy diver stretched out and reclining inside the notch. [26][27][a] Late in 1967, Enterprise was fitted with a prototype Basic Point Defense Missile System (BPDMS) installation, with two eight-round box launchers for Sea Sparrow missiles. Rear Admiral Walter L Curtis, Jr, Commander Carrier Division Nine, brought his flag aboard. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). 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