vattamalai murugan temple

It is said this miracle took place on Karthigai Pournami day (full moon in the month of Karthigai) and thus it is venerated by devotees as a special day. He also created a natural spring on this mountain from the waters of the Ganga which he brought in his Kamandalam. Hanuman, it is believed, even carried flowers from the banks of the Ganga to worship at Sivamalai. 3) This is where an unusual phenomenon, rather a miracle took place in the year 1984 on 12th February. This Siddhar is one of the popular 18 Siddhar known to the world for their Siddha yoga. I had mentioned about another Vattamalai in the beginning of this write up. Good Lodging facilities available at Thiruppur . 1) 1320 steps to the temple . 7) If we take the steps found just behind the Moolavar Sannidhi, we reach the Valli Deivayanai Temple. This is also a Murugan temple ( Muthukumaraswamy ) on top of a small hill facing west. Sri Subramanya swamy temple at Sivanmalai The temple is facing west and it could be seen from a long distance. There is an Arthameru with imprint of foot steps. 9) Subramanya swamy is present with four hands and a single face sitting on peacock. ( Log Out /  Many South Indian tourist attractions like tea estates of Munnar, the Vattamalai Murugan Temple in Coimbatore and the Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram household names across India. I had the fortune of visiting two of the Lord Muruga Shrines during this visit and happy to share the details . Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 9) Near this cave we find the Saravana Māmunivar’s Tomb. They are known by the names Amirthavalli and Sundaravalli. It is 85 Kms from Coimbatore and 25 Kms from Thiruppur. Traditionally if the answer is negative the Devotees do not venture further. This will be informed to the temple and divine approval will be sought. People worship here to get relief from fevers. It is interpreted that Lord Muruga has indicated the out come and that recent SC verdict of conviction in Jayalalitha case and imprisonment to Sasikala is a pointer. Murugan Temples, Jimikki Kammal IN MYTHOLOGY – Divine Ear Rings, Follow karaikudi express on This posture is considered as the one free from “Navagraha vakrams”. Nearest airport is Coimbatore. Trains to coimbatore pass through Tirupur . ( Log Out /  Nearest airport Coimbatore .Nearly 500 steps to climb but motorable roads available . 5) Most important feature here is that the popular daily prayer of Murugan Devotees, Kanda Shasti Kavacham was first offered to the world in this temple by Balan Dêvarāya Swamigal. The region consists of several hillocks . 12) There is a Kailasanathar-Gnanambihai shrine in the Southern corridor which is considered as the most ancient of this temple. 1) There are several popular legends about this temple . Chennimalai is about 25 Kms from Erode and 8 Kms from Ingur Railway station . 3) The sage Agastya came to this mountain and performed penance in order to gain knowledge about the Agamas. This place is around 8 Kms from Kangeyam on the Pazhani Road. They are Alampadi Vanasatchi (Kattammai), Pappini Angala Parameswari, Kangeyam Aayi amman, Valuppur amman, Thangamman, Athanur amman, Kariya kaliamman and Selva Nayahi amman. Arunaginathar has visited this placed and sang on this Murugan in Thirupugazh. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The hill route has 1320 comfortably built steps and also a motorable road to the top . 13) There is a shrine for Jurahareswarar on top of the hill. The Sivanmalai Andavar will come in the dream of any devotee asking him to place a specific object in the temple. Toilet facilities available . The Devas ( celestial gods) appealed to Siva for help and asked him to save them from the demons. Devasthanam is also running buses from base to to the top of the hill . Here the peacock is present in the form of Celestial peacock. Yes ! In Devanagiri this hill is called Siragiri and Chenniyangiri. ( Log Out /  All the temples which I have enumerated in six parts can be covered in one day with Coimbatore as base. According to, the movie was also showed glimpses of areas around the Devikulam Lake in Kerala, Pollachi and Vattamalai Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu. The people worship this Vināyagar and the holy springs with great Devotion. Phone: +91 99762 18099 General Information: Historically, the temple is believed to have been built about 1300 years ago during the period of the Cheras, Pandyas and the Cholas. It also has a motorable road to reach the hill top . The very tip of Siva’s bow ( Mount Meru) fell on earth and that became Sivamalai according to legend. 10) There is a place with 18 steps called ”Pathinettampadi or Sathya padi” which was used as a court to solve disputes. This hill also has rare medicinal herbs in its lush green forests. Hillocks are Lord Murugan’s favourites and he has chosen every single spot in this region to shower his blessings on us. Sivanmalai is well connected by Road. It is considered as Sevvai Parihara Sthalam. If one circumambulates the main deity he is believed to get the benefit of circumambulating the navagrahās and worshipping them.

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