veterinary technician ce requirements by state

A half hour credit consists of 25–49 minutes of education after the initial 50 minutes. Create a folder or other storage place to keep CE Certificates of Attendance for courses that you attend. Information is subject to change. An instructor of a qualifying course may claim CE credit hours for the course one time per renewal period. All licensees are required to maintain a record of their CE activities for at least four years. The veterinary technician continuing education reporting deadline for the current triennium is December 31, 2020. This extension will run through August 31, 2020. §671. Other: 2 hours for each unit taught or presented. Select the Licensee tab then click on Continuing Education. Qualifying CE must meet the following criteria: California veterinarians must complete a minimum of one hour on the judicious use of medically important antimicrobial drugs every four years as a condition of license renewal. Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship. Management topics: 3 hours of practice management allowed, Online or home study: 6 hours from audio or journal allowed; 5, General medicine topics: 14 hours on medicine, surgery, and dentistry if approved by AAVSB, Online or home-study: 15 hours if approved by RACE, General medicine topics: Any CE must be approved by AAVSB, Online or home study: 10 hours if approved by RACE, General medicine topics: Allowed if approved by AAVSB, AAHA, or AVMA. Website states there will be a May 1, 2020 board meeting to discuss allowing an extension of CE. CE Required for License Renewal California law... Read More » General medicine topics: Any CE must be approved by AVMA, IVMA, or AAHA, Self-study courses with exam: 20 hours allowed. 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The requirement for 10 contact hours of CE has been changed to 10 hours of “live” RACE approved CE for veterinarians and 5 hours of “live” RACE approved CE for veterinary technicians and veterinary technologists. Possession of Wildlife and Wildlife Rehabilitation. Applicants must pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE). 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The provider’s CE director (or equivalent) must sign the certificate. Limitation of online hours is suspended until April 16, 2020.

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