what are the six houses of lord muruga

[73] He is the philosopher and exponent of Shaiva Siddhanta theology, as well as the patron deity of the Tamil language.[76][77][60]. Svaha deposits the semen of Agni into the reeds of River Ganges, where it develops and then is born as six headed Skanda. [30] He is also found on ancient Indo-Scythian coins, where his various names are minted in Greek script. [50], In Sri Lanka, the god Kataragama deviyo is a popular object of devotion among both Tamil Hindus and Sinhalese Buddhists. He gives appearance in six different forms pertaining to six different stages in his life and they are located in Tamil Nadu namely Tiruttanikai, Swamimalai, Tiruvavinankudi (Palani), Pazhamudirsolai, Tirupparamkunram and Tiruchendur. He is sometimes depicted with many weapons including: a sword, a javelin, a mace, a discus and a bow although more usually he is depicted wielding the sakti or spear. A very beautiful, classic and authentic Tamil (Dravidian) style Saiva (Hindu) Temple located on a mountain with flora and fauna as well as monkeys and bats. [7][11], Kartikeya is found as a primary deity in temples wherever communities of the Tamil people live worldwide, particularly in Tamil Nadu state of India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Réunion. Local legend holds that Murugan alighted in Kataragama and was smitten by Valli, one of the local girls. The cost for non veg buffet was nominal . [65], A totally different legend in the later books of the Mahabharata make Shiva and Parvati as the parents. more. The main courses had a great variety and they also tasted good. Main Gopuram is also getting face-lift. [6] This epithet is also linked to his birth. [25] Similarly, Valmiki's Ramayana dedicates chapters 36 and 37 to Skanda, but describes him as the child of god Agni and goddess Ganges. We went to this temple today (21.05.2015-Thursday) monring at 10.15 am. Kartikeya is worshipped as Kumar in Nepal both by Hindu and Buddhist Communities. who are the fragrance and the blossom, He is raised not by his natural mother but a host of mothers, but later he is a part of his biological family. For example, the Vana Parva of the Mahabharata dedicates chapters 223 to 232 to the legends of Skanda, but depicts him as the son of Agni and Svaha. [54], According to Asko Parpola, the Jain deity Naigamesa, who is also referred to as Hari-Naigamesin, is depicted in early Jain texts as riding the peacock and as the leader of the divine army, both symbols of Kartikeya. For the 2007 film, see, "Murugan" redirects here. [5][8][6] He grows up quickly into a philosopher-warrior, destroys evil in the form of demon Taraka, teaches the pursuit of ethical life and the theology of Shaiva Siddhanta. Decor is a bit overwhelming if you're into that ( I felt a bit dizzy !). [26][27][note 2], According to Fred Clothey, the evidence suggests that Kartikeya mythology had become widespread sometime around 200 BCE or after in north India. [22] The section 10.1 of the Taittiriya Aranyaka mentions Sanmukha (six faced one), while the Baudhayana Dharmasutra mentions a householder's rite of passage that involves prayers to Skanda with his brother Ganapati (Ganesha) together. Temple timings - all days of the week (6:00 AM - 12:00 PM , 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM). [41] The text has been an important historical record and influence on the Hindu traditions related to war-god Skanda. Devas have been beaten up by Asuras led by Taraka, because Taraka had a boon from ascetic celibate yogi Shiva that only Shiva's son can kill him. The oldest sculptures such as those found in Mathura show him with one head, while six head iconography is dated to post-Gupta Empire era. Tiruchendur Muruga, Lord of Infinite Grace ; Yezidis and Hindus revere the Peacock Angel King ; Tiru Muruga Kripananda Variyar ; Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Roman letters & English translation; Encyclopaedia on Lord Muruga for free download; Map of Places visited by Tiruppukal composer Arunagirinathar; Kandan Karunai complete movie with subtitles + review The popularity of the deity at the Kataragama temple was also recorded by the Pali chronicles of Thailand such as Jinkalmali in the 16th century. Sri Subramanyar Temple at Batu Caves temple complex in Malaysia is dedicated to Kartikeya. That is how this Aarupadai Veedu Murugan Temple came into its existence. This event is taken to signify that Murugan is accessible to all who worship and love him, regardless of their birth or heritage. Others include Aaiyyan, Cheyyon, Senthil, Vēlaṇ, Swaminatha ("ruler of the gods", from -natha king), śaravaṇabhava ("born amongst the reeds"), Arumugam or ṣaṇmukha ("six-faced"),[12] Dandapani ("wielder of the mace", from -pani hand), Guha (cave, secret) or Guruguha (cave-teacher), Kadhirvelan, Kandhan, Vishakha and Mahasena. The Tolkāppiyam, one of the most ancient texts of the Tamil literature, mentions cēyōṉ "the red one", who is identified with Murugan, whose name is literally Murukaṉ "the youth"; the other gods referred to in the Tolkāppiyam are Māyōṉ "the dark one" (identified with Vishnu), Vēntaṉ "the sovereign" (identified with Indra) and Korravai "the victorious" (identified with Kali) and Varunan "the sea god". The Nikaya Samgraha describes Skanda Kumara as a guardian deity of the land, along with Upulvan (Vishnu), Saman and Vibhisana. The six most sacred abodes of Murugan was mentioned in Tamil sangam literature, "Thirumurugatrupadai", written by Nakkeerar and in "Thiruppugazh", written by Arunagirinathar. So, pls don't miss it. [57][58] There is some difference between his ancient iconography in Mathura and Gandhara artwork. The earliest mention of this deity in Buddhist texts may be found in the Janavasabha Sutta of the Pali Canon, where he is referred to as Sanankumāra. I went there with a local friend back in October 2014, I think it must have been the day before Deepavali. [73] He is handsome warrior and described as a celibate yogi. [61][62], The Epic era literature of ancient India recite numerous legends of Kartikeya, often with his other names such as Skanda. [54] Skanda was also adopted by Korean Buddhism, and he appears in its woodblock prints and paintings. If one cannot visit all the six houses of Lord Muruga spread all over Tamil Nadu, better visit this temple in the heart of Chennai.

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