what is the purpose of jewish education

Back 2,000 years ago (and still many centuries later), general literacy was almost useless to farmers (Jewish and non-Jewish), but it was very valuable to craftsmen and merchants often in need of writing letters and business contracts and to keep account books. Yet they survived and prospered in other lands. For successful Jewish education to occur, we must declare that the most essential element of Jewish education today is not our curriculum, not our educators, not even our Torah and certainly not our houses of learning. Why do you deny the role that restrictions, persecutions, banishments and expulsions had on the way Jewish history was shaped? Overall, few 18th-cen­tury congregations established lasting institutions. Why? Hebrew School), and culminates in Bar Mitzvah and, more recently, in Bat Mitzvah as well. The subjects traditionally included in Jewish education are the Tanakh, but predominantly the Torah which is the first five books of the Tanakh. Jerusalem: Western Wall, Temple Mount. The purpose of education to some teachers is to impart knowledge about the subject matter they are teaching without much thought to other classes. Have Jewish Female Athletes Been Shortchanged? These par­ents want a Jewish educational system for their chil­dren because they want to imbue them with Jewish thought and values. Thus “religious literacy” (the ability to read the Torah in Hebrew) helped acquire “general literacy” (the ability to read any text). In addition, [you should have] the measure of the [tefillin] straps [checked], particularly their width. But there are other compilations of law as well. Which school should they go to, what should they study, how can we best help them. Alongside this written Law, however, there developed interpretations or exegeses of it, which at first were merely oral but which progressively were reduced to writing—first in the form of memoranda or aide-mémoire inscribed on tablets or notebooks, then in actual books. For example the story of Portsmouth synagogue in England. Judaism is the complex phenomenon of a total way of life for the Jewish people, comprising theology, law, and innumerable cultural traditions. Today, go into a Jewish home and you will see that a major topic of conversation is the education of the children. New York, NY 10018 The element that matters first and foremost in Jewish education today are our learners. My Time Under the Chuppah With Ruth Bader Ginsburg, With a Tighter Lockdown, Israel Risks Alienating Its People, When You Say ‘Never Again,’ Remember the Rohingya. The synagogue in which the community assembled became not merely a house of prayer but also a school, with a “house of the book” (bet ha-sefer) and a “house of instruction” (bet ha-midrash) corresponding roughly to elementary and secondary or advanced levels of education. Huge Satmar wedding in Brooklyn • Netanyahu meets top Saudi • Pollard is fully free, How a Queer French Couple Fought Nazis with Their Art. In 1258, Mongol invaders sacked the capital of the Abbasid Empire, Baghdad; subsequently, much of the empire gradually reverted to subsistence agriculture. Nor is it an ecumenical call that suggests we strip our tradition of its idiosyncrasies and particularistic rituals. (In chapter 6, we provide a sample of these letters.) From this evolved the respect with which the teacher was and is surrounded in Jewish communities. The proliferation of these schools can be traced to the belief among many Jewish families born and educated in America that it is no longer necessary to send their children to public school to acculturate them as Americans. The Ethical Cost of Orthodox Support for Donald Trump, A Rabbi and ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Remembers Alex Trebek, Joyce Newmark says the late gameshow host “wasn’t just a talking head.”, The Consistent Message, and Dazzling Oratory, of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. (‘Talmud Torah pp435 et seq,  â€˜The Book of Jewish Knowledge’ by Nathan Ausubel), THE IMPORTANCE OF LITERACY FOR THE SURVIVAL OF JUDAISM  sinagoga  Mag. Importantly the social context in which we currently exist is essential in informing this new vision for Jewish education. Not ‘happy’ in the smiley or laughing sense of the word, although the world surely needs a whole lot more of both these days. Indeed, as much Yiddishkeit as possible must be poured into them. I hope I have succeeded in showing you that appreciation for education is characteristic of Jewish people, and you can even notice it here at Ohev. The Re­form movement has begun to develop day schools, although they represent only [a small percentage] of the overall total of these programs. As for Protestantism, we do not mention it (or other religions that spread after 1492) because our book ends in 1492. In the United States, religious schools were established at synagogues by the mid-19th century, while the system of cheders was continued into the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Eastern European immigrants.

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