why do diabetics pee so much at night

Nocturia is defined as the excessive need to get up and urinate during the night. More over a person above 40 years old needs to urinate 2 or more times at night due to prostate enlargement. Moreover, nocturia is associated with a 1.8-fold increased risk of hip fracture.2 Men who arise more than three times a night to urinate also have a twofold increase in mortality compared with those with fewer episodes of nocturia.3 Nocturia is a frequent patient complaint leading to urologic and nephrologic consultations. If you urinate too frequently during the day, you may miss out on things you want to do because you're always in the bathroom or afraid to wander too far from a toilet. Dealing with diabetic nephropathy starts with managing the disease that causes it. Elderly A1C Targets: Should Older People Have More Relaxed Glucose Goals? While it is a relatively uncommon complaint among younger adults, the prevalence of nocturia increases with increasing age in both men and women. Continue reading >>, 7 0 We’ve written before about the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Talk to your doctor or call the Continence Helpline 0800 650 659. This is because excess glucose that is building up in your blood stream causes fluid to be pulled from your tissues, leaving you thirsty. Injections? 2019;123:1-6. doi:10.1016/j.urology.2018.10.010, Xiao N, Wang Z, Huang Y, et al. A comprehensive medical evaluation should be able to identify the precise cause, leading to effective treatment. Content on Diabetes.co.uk does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Examples include an enlarged prostate, diabetes, pregnancy, urinary tract infections, anxiety, or certain medications (such as diuretics). On average we should pass urine 4-6 times during the day and once over night. American Diabetes Association. The most common sign of polyuria is producing abnormally large volumes of urine at regular intervals throughout the day and at night. NIDDK. Why was she here? Wittig L, Carlson KV, Andrews JM, et al. In fact, taking these measures, as well as making other key lifestyle changes such as losing weight, increasing activity, and quitting smoking, can help to prevent and/or treat all urinary tract problems that may be caused by type 2 diabetes. That, in turn, can help with acceptance and understanding of how to better treat the symptoms, which in turn can help you stay on a good diabetes management regimen. That’s the upshot from a survey of more than 2,000 northern California women ages 40 years and older. But some health conditions can send you in search of a bathroom 10, 20, even 30 or more times daily. It’s also a common enough symptom that a sudden increase in thirst can mean almost anything. Join 604,096 people who get the newsletter, HbA1c to average blood glucose level converter, Whole blood results to plasma readings converter, Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome, High triglyceride levels (Hypertriglyceridemia), Hypercalcemia – elevated levels of calcium in the blood. Polyuria is not just an inconvenience. If diabetes goes untreated or if it has been poorly controlled for a long time, you can develop se Treatment options for bladder dysfunction include medication, bladder training methods such as timed voiding, electrical stimulation, Kegel exercises, and surgery. The pelvic floor muscles play an essential role in giving us control over the bladder and bowel. It can affect the quality of your sleep since you’re waking up at the night to go to the washroom.

The urinary tract and the organs and structures that support sexual performance and desire are intricately linked, and so when diabetes takes a toll on the former, the latter often are impacted as well.

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