why is it called a cobb salad

Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday,444 and hope you have a great week! So there's a good chance the I Love Lucy star herself was chowing down on a Cobb salad, just like the rest of us. The 24-hour, hat-shaped restaurant — which eventually expanded to a mini-chain of four restaurants — was the stomping grounds for stars of the time like Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Lucille Ball, and Harpo Marx. But no one disputes that this signature dish was named for the owner of the chain, Robert Howard Cobb. The most common legend says that the Cobb salad was a spur of the moment invention of necessity. The owner’s name was Robert Howard Cobb, so therefore, the salad was lovely titled the Cobb Salad. Wanna see somethin' really cool? 06/01/04: Song of life includes a crackle and hiss; Why don't we fall out of bed while we're sleeping? "Cobb's midnight invention became an overnight sensation with Derby customers, people like movie mogul Jack Warner, who regularly dispatched his chauffeur to pick up a carton of the mouth-watering salad.". Mostly. With Cobb that evening was Sid Grauman, co-owner of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – a Hollywood landmark and Academy Awards ceremony venue on three occasions. The iconic Brown Derby Restaurant in Los Angeles created this amazing salad. Iron Eyes Cody, who was Italian, not Native American, some sources contend. Added some crisp bacon -- swiped from a busy chef. He went into the kitchen and threw together some things he found in the kitchen – lettuce, fresh cooked bacon, left-over chicken…And topped it with their house dressing. EatThis.com is part of the AllRecipes Food Group. The Ultimate Pinterest Party, Week 261 | Creative K Kids, Save 35% on select product(s) with promo code 35MSFB01 on Amazon.com, Prime Benefit Spotlight: exclusive deals and discounts. ; igloo secrets; why dinner was noon-time meal and supper at night; more 07/29/03: Little red caboose rolling outta sight; From my 'I'll be a monkey's uncle' file 08/19/04: Clams and cabbage and dollars; method actor v. character actor; more Actually, at the time it was not called the Heisman. Feb 9, 2019 - So why is it called a Cobb salad? We had a lot of summer grills with burgers and corn – and the oranges! © Helen Fern and the Lazy Gastronome, 2015-present. It is hearty and filling, and a little bit decadent as far as salads … California has an eclectic list of foods that are fresh and vibrant. [5 unhealthy things you’re putting on your salad that are making you gain weight]. Mix well. I love developing recipes and sharing them with people (and I love to hear how they liked them). And the rest is history. Get the best food tips and diet advice every day. [Read more: 7 healthy ways to supercharge your salads]. As with many "how this began stories" We don't know how much is actual fact, but here is the official story from the Brown Derby themselves. (just use the little button below) [6], Authentic versions of the Cobb salad are prepared using four varieties of greens: iceberg lettuce, watercress, endive and romaine lettuce.[2]. Sometimes they would also add ferrous oxide to the paint. google_ad_client = "pub-9260041780723917"; 3/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce In 1937, Brown Derby owner Robert H. … Various stories recount how the salad was invented. Cut lettuce, half the watercress, chicory and romaine in fine pieces and arrange in a large salad bowl. This delicious main dish salad starts with greens. google_color_text = "000000"; He first served it in his restaurant the Hollywood Brown Derby back in the 1930s. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "lazyg00-20"; At least, that's the story that was passed down by the Brown Derby. Comment or try to stump him by clicking here. It is hearty and filling, and a little bit decadent as far as salads go. Iceberg or romaine lettuce and some watercress or arugula tossed in. Where did the term fore come from and why fore? google_ad_type = "text"; Some recipes include other types of cheese besides Roquefort, such as cheddar or Monterey Jack, or no cheese at all. 06/23/04: Soda jerk! ; Was Chef Boy-ar-dee a real person? Supposedly, a very hungry Robert "Bob" Cobb, owner of the popular Brown Derby restaurant on trendy Wilshire Boulevard, was in the restaurant kitchen late one night. But the most prominent story is that of Mr. Cobb’s late night hunger! Rust made the paint red, and also killed fungi and moss on the wood. ripping newspaper. Some argue that the salad was created by the restaurant’s executive chef Robert Kreis in that same year, and named after the restaurant’s owner, Robert Cobb, cousin of baseball legend Ty Cobb.

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