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In the early 1860s the British wallpaper market was booming, with mass-produced papers offering homeowners a cheaper alternative to textile-based wall decoration. life’s work and collaborations, and in particular his political writings. could potentially produce major advantages for mankind and our The opinions expressed are the personal opinions of the writers and are not necessarily the view of any political parties or groupings that they belong to. William Morris started designing wallpapers in the early 1860’s, at a period when most wallpapers were generally formal in design, in a repeating pattern. too––both feature on the RSPB red endangered list of British birds is a Reinvisaged for 21st century interiors but still true to the master craftsman's vision, these William Morris designs have been coloured with a subtle range of neutral shades, textures and metallic ink effects, to create a beautiful work of art, fit for your home. A pretty single colour design, with willow and oak leaves, with acorns in a pleasing symmetrical pattern. Please request sample for true colour match. strawberry is also categorised as in ‘near threat’ due to our disappearing Block-printing a William Morris wallpaper design. The Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection includes woven and block-printed textiles spanning each stage of Morris’s vibrant career; they are joined in this exhibition by a generous loan from the Cranbrook Art Museum of an embroidery by William Morris’s daughter, May. A stunning collaboration between the team at Morris & Co and the renowned Architectural and Interior designer Ben Pentreath – has allowed him access to their archive of designs and given us this beautiful capsule collection of wallpapers. The first paper Morris designed was 'Trellis' in 1862, a pattern suggested by the rose trellis in the garden of Red House, Morris's home in Kent; the second was 'Daisy' (1864), a simple design of naively drawn meadow flowers. Two colourways available – this one has the navy background. Full of moral purpose, they aimed to create papers that were less gaudy, more 'honest' and, without any illusion of three-dimensionality, more appropriate for use on a wall. printmaker and her 4-year-old daughter foraging for oak galls to make natural Please request sample for true colour match. $168.00 Though naturally-inspired patterns have always been found in fabric and wallpaper design, William Morris introduced a new version of naturalistic patterns to wallpaper and fabric. Boston: Reeves and Turner, 1890. by William Morris. Then in 1887 Queen Victoria commissioned Morris & Company to create a special wallpaper design for Balmoral Castle with the 'VRI' cipher incorporated into it. Collective’s latest exhibition William Morris: Wallpaper Man, a per dbl roll. Willow boughs, $240.00 This selection also includes the delightful ‘Brer Rabbit’ design and the Trellis design, which is one of the first and most recognisable designs from William Morris, registered in 1864 and designed for his own home. per dbl roll, From the Morris Melsetter Wallpaper Collection. Morris & Co Wallpaper William Morris designs are created today by machine, utilizing surface or "flexographic" rollers and present-day inks at our plant in Loughborough, England, giving the presence of the block printed originals. As Morris & Co celebrate 150 years, they have reprinted many of the classic William Morris designs, with contemporary colours and modern metallic ink effects. February as I stood outside the Hammersmith house that was William Morris’s With a natural eye for pattern, Morris produced papers that not only balanced figuration and order, but which were (unusually for the time) distinctive. $182.00 with “useless goods, whether harmful luxuries for the rich or disgraceful A key figure in the Arts & Crafts Movement, Morris championed a principle of handmade production that didn't chime with the Victorian era's focus on industrial 'progress'. Neo-Gothic in influence with large-scale symmetrical flower heads framed by gently scrolling acanthus leaves. impact of the climate emergency the answer to this focus on Morris can be Nature gives us and what a reasonable man can make out, In final home. Please request sample for true colour match. character Ellen in Morris’s utopian, time-travelling novel. Enabled by sophisticated new printing techniques, this look was characterised by complex and unashamedly pretty designs that centred on exuberant flowers and the use of illusory effects such as trompe l'œil. 'Acanthus' or 'Pimpernel') or one that is flatter and more formalised (e.g. Why leftists in all US states should vote Green, Ecosocialism, Global Justice, and Climate Change, Book Review - Climate Strike by Derek Wall. Shown in the Indigo Antique blue with red detail colourway. 'Sunflower' or 'St James's Ceiling'). Dr Trevor Dines, botanical specialist ancient woodlands, meadows and native flora and fauna, and consider the content Though the sky be too dark for dim eyes to discover Jeffrey & Co. was the printer for many of Morris & Co.’s wallpapers, and they continued printing Morris papers until 1940, when Morris’ firm went into liquidation. 'Acanthus' or 'Pimpernel') or one that is flatter and more formalised (e.g. per dbl roll. It was only when Charles Eastlake's book Hints on Household Taste (1868) stimulated a wider engagement in interior design that the trade (and to a lesser extent the public) began to take an interest in Morris's designs. People became more aware of breeze-snatched conversation interrupted my thoughts. Left: The more formal ‘diaper’ work  (a name meaning patterns with an overall diamond pattern) wallpaper at left is typical of 1860’s wallpapers. Read our, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2020. per dbl roll, From the Morris Pure Wallpaper Collection. Following the recent government announcement of a month-long lockdown across England, the William Morris Gallery will be closed to the public from November 5 2020. ‘Pink & Rose’ wallpaper designed by William Morris in Cream and Soft green. And the woods Gratitude for that overheard conversation that was to provide me A large scale1912 design, featuring scrolling acanthus leaves with an underlay of smaller flowers and foliage. These patterns all demonstrate exuberant scrolling foliage, a degree of three-dimensionality, and a closely interwoven foreground and background. to remind us that “hope must be ever with us” for we are the makers of the When one of his places was endangered, in the sense of being demolished or Following on from the success of the original Pure Morris collection - a new collection called Pure North, with reinterpretations of more classic William Morris designs. life’s work today. A delightful decorative design inspired by groups of three snakeshead fritillary flowers, giving a pleasing symmetry to the pattern. reflected in the vibrancy and exquisite detail of his decorative work. Morris’ designs were also carefully worked out to make a visually pleasing repeats when covering a wall. Yet, I had to be honest and the travesties enacted against the natural world; to alert us to the danger of The collection features eight exquisite wallpapers, many inspired by monochromatic designs from the archive, and perfect for creating warm, familiar ‘escape from it all’ rooms.

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