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Did Nick buy a pair of skis? 1. endobj endobj Level: elementary Age: 5-12 Author:schnuffi Fullscreen : SO DO I /NEITHER DO I ( ) 1. <> [ 11 0 R] 7 0 obj (ever) _____ 2) We watched the film. stream My sister talks to me. Kevin Directions: Rewrite these sentences again with the words in parentheses. The word order is very rigid in English. 8 0 obj ",#(7),01444'9=82. �n��}���X���lN�����1���,��a�&��}�s{�"]�oЁ����bߑ,�k�z�}o�UGgVk~P ����u�}D��]�L��8��c����>�6��_�M�jXM-��A��@��vG������Qh���e��Fg��;���Y�����B����=���V���sgs 6 0 obj We always use the short answer, not only Yes or No.That’s why questions without question words are also called YES/NO-questions. %PDF-1.6 %���� <> 22 0 obj <> �X,I$.zE�9Wڦ�=��#�W����K�_�1vӣ���\��=��2�J����cR��={لD��^�Jy�>?�i�0����[�/%*�O��9��! endobj <> A - Form statements using the following words/phrases. word order exercise. WORD ORDER EXERCISES 1 Directions: Look at Kevin’s answers to the questions and write sentences with often/never, etc. ��_-���F ��Ω��1#|����@� 17 0 obj endobj <>>> Word order Two exercises to practice word order and questions. 12 0 obj Adverbs of frequency endobj endobj 23 0 obj A - Form statements using the following words/phrases. %PDF-1.5 ���v��\,�I{}%��UH6����ڌoudT+bJ�< � �܍�`��ڬ����-�P���*; ��0A�i�e���Ǔ��ɢ$h��ZD�'�/�|��e��lu�"� ��={��n~��'C1�����!A6����0�=l�.��h�s�Gc�oT�/]tѠej�[������u7u�3̥n�̓k�����Pa�2��-T7\=�f�=�`:��� ���. <> >0e�'�`3��6��D��$�%�2 �x&~X�ǐ�����7\��0 ����&�����P�t��UXL������ Second exercise: Choose the correct sentence. :t�%�}�s��9��������=���t%�L�[&4+�,������ H��J-2���H$K�!�� ���A�����$7͢>:cJI3 endobj ��j���s�ͷDŽi��U2��JrH���^�'U %�7�Iֹß��9R�Ksm�3�d�"�i/����Ŗ� Q�šB�3���, endobj Worksheet - Word order in questions with do/does . 15 0 obj 19 0 obj WORD ORDER EXERCISES 1 Directions: Look at Kevin’s answers to the questions and write sentences with often/never, etc. stream iM�G�1��#t; ���0Ư�y��0�bi& �,vO8���kM���-6,`�� ���0���k �W ��C4!I}�LV�����u�+�r8j��jM7���)"a��Mn��禽 /��XL51�W[����N ^�t�����?1'M����M9X�.�jg����NX\����:G�� endobj ( ) 1. Word Order in English Questions. 14 0 obj @mip�V��[D.��1��y�"�sA` 13 0 obj 47 0 obj <>/Encrypt 34 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<016CC83C86EEA2B1D64C2E451EAC8DBF><44E259F4CE86C947A2785A799971D854>]/Index[33 36]/Info 32 0 R/Length 73/Prev 20632/Root 35 0 R/Size 69/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream 8S[��N;� endobj ���1��:�JЄdQ 3�> D,x�X-aS���ά�?≰��,T3�i�� �r:K�[��t%C�t Uv_^�c^�/���$���)���X$d�z��`�U6��5�����:gg������ۢ���M���>o?k3���~��5����a�R8�1�B��� endobj Questions without question words and be Subject and verb change their position in statement and question. Approximately 15 minutes 3325 Word order – Sentences, Questions – Complex Test 3321 Word order in statements – Exercise 3323 Word order in statements with expressions of place and time – Exercise Then, ask your questions to a classmate. endobj Put the sentences in the correct order. 1 0 obj �Vv�UJ�#����0h��u�׉8���-kyy:µ"V�C��ǒF�0䪓Ʃ�aG�.uW�*�Zu�h�r� �:����Q���сcЕ�/�]8���`�����h'/��Wk��%�n�̈_���sY�!��JX��0�,�vn���_�MߏP${���PN6ıҎe0�q�����³��gF=��df9�m�&0 �쓃�9���'��I8c��� A�S��6i�%�J�j��9{f`N�MG)B §����+,8p�),��#&��&�e� lGğ\��?ê?��]��3�ۂA�.-~Qj,��aOTq]Ei��MP����=LQ�#x������,���v�(H|���Yl�+ �� ������em���(�i�������C{�}�;"�,�#��� ��0]��h4�����^��1r:,��_���ـm��܄� �.,��h�X,�1a7�S���l*���,F�8{8�w0�4��E.��߿� �x;��9�秼�p*��u�6�������� ���f0��]'�qJZ�b�3�:�;W�|c�]������-0����o��e�9������h��#� 9 0 obj Word order: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts. By Lerlechka It is a good grammar-guide to practice types of questions and word order in questions. ����d����H���+���T_Rh� ��D��WZ�s�܄�o��Pɖmz�P!�xA!����/g� ˆ ��/�`lR�����UB>�� � ��g+.-E�0��` ��T��_�i3�W�Դ�܌�a2�)����kK�S��yDz��u-��@�����*�J�(\!�3��z0"$������z'����2y�� S�� 3���m��V��F$�l����u�(���{$�y6�ыZ���[{�?w�1���*���8���L�n�V�&F��fXM�G�8�׶-�%��(eHF��R-�&�y����o���F �3� ���ª���=���M���sI�7l���}]͏{A���}�z��9����z��B��Hu�;����mU �U5. endstream <> ... C - Rewite the sentences/questions using the words/phrases in brackets. <> 68 0 obj <>stream Word order in questions is a worksheet about WH-questions and question words . <> use the auxiliary do or does. 18 0 obj <> Question: Are you English? Nick bought a pair of skis. ����m5���7 $Dˏ�Bp���p�ki������b6)̖�.WRNiE�|&�ƥ>���8�y�W�>�i���E��$Č&�Z�1�!�nYx����2�/�H5KK��7��XX�Y�5�dn���PV�Ĉp�R��S백�M?N3�57��t� ���S$%� all verbs in the following lines (sentence 1: like) and write these words into the column Verbs. Present Simple: Questions - Word Order 10 question sentences with 'do' / 'does' and 'W/H' questions; with ANSWER KEY Write the sentences in the correct order.

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