worst day of tonsillectomy recovery adults

I love how you broke it down and really gave a play by play. No one told me it would be very hard to swallow water, not because of the pain but because of difficulty detecting the sensation of water in the back of my throat. I was on a cherry cough syrup flavored pain med and a full week of steroids… and I’ve lived through what those little pills can do to your stomach without food. Preparation is KEY. You can step up towards normal food as the pain eases. FML. I would like to speak to you about your tonsillectomy because i just had mine done on the 21st of this month last week technically lol. It’s ok go ahead laugh out loud but let me tell you I was begging for some relief so I purchased some Dulcolax and drank half a bottle of magnesium citrate ! Thats the last thing I remember, I then work up in post op a little loopy. I am 31 years old and I had my tonsils out on 8th of February. I have a to go spit cup to! ‘Infection pain’ is not really manageable. My daughter is 12, and will be getting hers out on March 1st. I hope there is a day soon where you have no pain. I’m at the end of day 8 this is the worst surgery I have ever experience I have had 6 surgeries total and this is by far the worst one I have been crying at least once and hour and I found that I have had more mental breakdowns in a weak then I have had in my whole life. Thank you all for sharing. My biggest problem right is that I can barely eat or drink anything because it feels as everything is stuck behind my uvula. You mentioned everything tasted like carburator. Swollen throat n sore, tightness, feels like I’m living with a bad sore throat EVEYDAY. Doctor can’t explain why and I’m wishing I never had the surgery. My first word of advice is to call your ENT if you need anything or have any questions. over a year ago, CheralynnMae For me the right side seems to be a bit more problematic than the left. Most of these complaints will slowly fade and you will be fine. Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are white deposits that form in the crypts of the tonsils. I can relate to you about the mucus it’s horrible! It helped a bit then took Morphine before bed. The tongue swelling was so bad I could not articulate words for several days. I’m upset n I asked him am I’m gonna have to live like this. My ENT gave me a selenium supplement 6 weeks ago but it isn’t helping. Hi, I’m on the 3rd week of recovery period, post bilateral complete tonsillectomy due to recurrent stone formation. Aside from helping with aches and pains and sleep and sadness, it heals flesh wounds – even in the throat – so much more quickly than they heal on their own. This is day 9 I am having ear pain off & On & I find myself spitting a lot & feel what I believe are scabs mixed with flem in the back of my throat. Refuse to listen to the negatives and trust the positives. The past 4 days I have been just depressed. Rest frequently. After your surgery did your snotty sneezes eventually stop? Thank you for posting your story! On day fourteen, I went out on my first true run (I’d attempted on Day nine and day twelve rather unsuccessfully). ( Log Out /  Netflix is a must !!! Get everything in order and make sure you’re happy with how clean stuff is, unless you live with someone who’s happy to keep the place lookin’ dust-free while you’re ill. It’s not nice to be bedridden in a dirty house or to keep looking at piles of clothes you wish you’d washed while you could actually get off the sofa. I would love to see your throat photos. Sooooo, I’m scheduled for a right tonsillectomy tomorrow. I am eating regularly again, but my appetite is still less, which I welcome! Plus I have constant sinus drainage. Worst pain ever. My tonsils were filled with infection. I think my scans are starting to fall off because I’m catching my myself gagging randomly because something is in my throat and I can’t reach it. The Snotty Truth: a Tonsillectomy Recovery. Friday morning (6am) I was in for the surgery and was discharged and home by 11am. This was 100% the best I’ve read on this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE procedure. Although the recovery was quite unpleasant and painful, enduring those 2 weeks of recovery was well worth the reduction in chronic throat issues. – Except for the icepops, sugary food and drinks are a no no. Somebody give a feedback on the “TASTE”, Hi, just want to know, when your taste returned. I couldn’t eat surbert nor could I eat ice cream. I didn’t have ice cream until day 11. ENT told me I was one of the 3% with a hemorrhage and in 3% of those people with a second hemorrhage. Day pain: 6/10, Night pain 7/10 with small spikes to 8/10 towards the time when I needed my meds.Food: Mashed potatoes, soft bread, Jello (UGH), ice ice ice ice ice ice ice. Its regretful to miss it! I think food ‘knocks’ it off, too. Do not screw this up. This has been the best read I have found! He and my therapist told me they have had patients with anxiety that was the result of a partial closed throat that had surgery and the NEXT day their anxiety was gone. The scabs fell off around day 7. I will take Tylenol now as needed. This is a serious problem because it’s hard to relearn how to sneeze out of your throat. I need a lil feed back on what to do cause I been back n forth to the emergency room. Just curious how you flushed the food out of your throat caverns? I've been taking 3x ibuprofen every 6 hours and trying to stagger it with 1 hydrocodone every 5, so there's always overlap. One thing I have noticed is that I am much less tolerant of poor air quality. Anyway, thank you for sharing this because it’s nice knowing I’m not the only one experiencing this. MY SAVOURY TASTE IS BACK 7 weeks after Tonsillectomy ! The throat pain… I can’t deal. I literally screenshot and highlighted the part about little men stabbing you when anyone asked me how I was. The worst part for me is not being able to eat anything I want to! Don’t expect to sleep much. I am miserable and doctors say it’s “just sinuses” yet nothing I have found has helped at all. Rachel did you get your voice back properly? I've had foot surgery and have endured some pretty painful sports injuries. Line up your already measured and time-labeled meds for nighttime so you don’t have to think too much. Thank you. Use the oxycodone prescription sparingly – it works better if you’re not acclimated to it and it’s your strongest pain killer – too much without a break causes bad constipation 6. I am terrified! It might still taste like carburetor and look like wet cat food, but it will keep you alive. They told me to not take ibuprofen because of bleeding risks. I would be very interested in your pictures to compare them to mine. I’m almost five months post tonsillectomy and still have same issues? I’m on day 3 of post op. How do you get tonsil stones if you have no tonsils? My husband had constant problems with sore throats and sinus infections for the last several years, but this past October developed into a horrible infection that would not heal. So many people say it’s the worst pain of their life, but for me it wasn’t. Everyday I have focused on trying to find a positive like less pain or less pressure and tried just to stay on top of hydration and meds, just lay down and rest !! I am 18 months post of and this is ridiculous. Sure, you might wind up peeing every 15 minutes, but the trade off for having a moist, reasonably bearable situation is worth it. In fact I could only eat jello and applesauce and that was on a good day. I know for many who have posted they have hopefully healed and moved on but would love to hear some updates to give me hope!! Read some other posts And seems everyones on a slightly different timeline for the scabs to start coming off . My doc also recommended eating a normal diet, which really helped. My first five days were completeley HORRIBLE but the last two days have been decently okay. So to each their own! Any advice?! I am sipping lots of Gatorade but the thought of anything else right now does not sound good. I’m so glad it helped and I hope you’re feeling better!!! Hope you are all better soon. Its much better than it was but now js annoying. I stopped the oxy after post op day 7. This is a bonus considering you will have moments were the meds zone you out or nod off so the rewind feature is awesome! My husband had Phenegran but I don’t want to try to swallow them. The only place it never occurred…take a guess… Exactly… the doctor’s office!! The day that surprised me the most was day 10…the day the scabs started coming off. IT WAS NOT. :(. He said his got better about 4 months later but he was 29. That evening, i coughed.

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