zinia name meaning in quran

However, it means a lot for them when a baby girl arrives in their family. Please refer to our recent lists of Modern Baby Girl Names: 1. Other similar sounding names can be Zinaat, Zinah, Zinat, Zineb, Zinia, Zinneerah. Learn how your comment data is processed. Azbah: Sweet, fresh 5. However, if your requirement is for direct or indirect Quranic names, which are actually the BEST names, I wouldn’t suggest going for Ziva despite having a cool pronunciation and a nice meaning. Mohiuddin is a very nice name. Minnah: Gift from Allah, good and kind deeds, charity. Holy Quran is the true source of guidance for all of us and it is better to assign a Quranic name to your little angel. Zeba Noor is a Muslim Baby Names Expert with a deep knowledge of Arabic, Persian names. Aqsa: farthest (also the name of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem). Can you please suggest some? But only two names are possible out of it: 1. Zinna is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Just in case you need a girl’s name, Adiba is also a good name. I would love to help you out. I m looking a name for my little Princess. Non-Quranic Names. Assalamu Alaikum Mr. Akbar & Walekum Assalam. Please use the quick menu. Aaniya: Loving or creative 2. Naflah: Derived from Nafl meaning a voluntary good deed 6. I would suggest Aqiba the most as it is one of the rarest baby girl names for 2019. Misaal is a name that can go with a baby boy as well as a baby girl. Aniya: loving 7. Rubab: Blessing 3. So, through our list of meaningful and new Muslim baby names for girls, we are here to help you. (Direct or indirect). Allah's 99 Names, Companion in nightly conversation, entertainer, Adornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty, (Zineta pronunciation in different languages). Faaria (فارعة): Tall, slim, woman with beautiful long hair. https://gomama247.com/baby-names/arabic-baby-girl-names/1, Pingback: Holy Muslim Baby Names Inspired by Islamic Calendar | GoMama247. Your name is very rare and trendy itself, hence your child deserves to own a unique name too. Ablaa ابلا – With a perfect shape/figure or formation Abra ابرا – Teaching, illustration/example Ada ادا – Style, beauty, grace Adeena ادینہ – Thin/delicate, pure, divine Adeeva ادیوا – Delightful, gentle Adla عدلہ – Lady with fair complexion, just Adra عدرا – Extended wisdom, knowing more things Afia عافیہ – Hale and hearty, vigour Afreen آفرین‎ – Elegant, delightful, blessing, divine encouragement Afsa افصہ‎ – Beautiful, wife of prophet Mohammad Afza افزا – Superior, the best, most splendid Aida عائدہ – Someone who visits or returns Aila عاءلہ – A noble person Ainam اینم – The name signifies two springs Aira آئرہ‎ – Commencement, origin/beginning, breathe of life Aiza آءزا – A noble person Akia آکیہ – Sibling (sister) Akilah عقیلہ – A lady with great wisdom, intelligence Alda الدا – Affluent/rich Alhena الہینا – A bright celestial object, a star in Gemini Almeda المیدہ – Aspirational person Alraaz الراز – Secret/mystery Aludra الدرا – The name means virgin/pure/virtuous Amani امانی – One who leads, spring season Amayra امایرا – Regal and beautiful, princess Amna آمنا – Serenity Amrin امرین – Princess, pretty girl Anaan عنان – Delightful, cloud Anahita انیہیتہ – Pure, innocent Anaita انایتہ – Diminutive of Anahita meaning pure, modest, innocent Ariana اریانہ – Enthusiastic, lively Arifa عارفہ – Adequate knowledge of any field Arisha اریشہ – Tranquillity/peace Armin ارمین – One who lives in Eden’s garden Arwa اروآ – Mountain goat (female) Asah اسہ – A well-known green plant, known for being so green Ashia آشیہ – The name refers to life Asin عاسن – Grace, charm Asleena اسلینا – A celestial bright object like s star Asmara اسمارا – An adorable butterfly Asra اسرا – Divine river or paradise river Aya آیا – A spiritual phrase written in Holy Quran Ayra آئرہ – Breathe of life, commencement, initiation of something Azalia ازالیہ – Beautiful flower Azia عازیہ – Cozy, convenience Azin أذين – Obedient Azita ازیتا – A beautiful majestic lady, princess Azka ازکا – Divine, pure Azmi عزمی – A person with great knowledge or wisdom Azra عذرا – Pure, maiden, Bahaa بہا – With lustre, graceful Banan بنان – The name refers to finger tips Baraa براء – Who stands out in a group, excels Bareea بريئة – Pure, who can’t be blamed Barika بارکہ – To grow, attain triumph Barlin برلن – Many beautiful majestic ladies or princesses Burhaan برہان‎ – Evidence of something Bustan بستان – A beautiful natural place, orchard Cala کالا – Majestic mansion or castle Chandni چاندنی‎ – Moonlight Charagh چراغ – Lamp, lantern Chiragh چراغ – Lamp, lantern Daana دانہ – Epithet for god, wise or learned person Daanya دَانِيَة – Graceful, gift from God Daaria داریہ – Wise, learned, affluent Dabeer دَبِيْر – Teacher Dahma دہما – A wise person or lady of a region Daniya دَانِيَة – Near to something Darya دریہ – Copious, river Dayana دیانہ – Precious metal, Gold Delisha دلیشه – A cheerful person who spreads happiness Dimah دیماہ – Cloud full of rain water Doha دوہا – Time between morning and noon Durar دورار – The name means pearls Eihaa إِيحَاء – Motivate or inspire someone Eilin ایلین – Winner, adorable Eilnaz الناز – Most graceful of all Eira ایرہ – Snowfall Eliza اليزا – Very costly, one of a kind Elma المہ – A beautiful fruit like Apple Erina عرینا – A charming lady Ezhil ایزہل – Charm, Grace Ezzah عزہ – Respect, Honor giver Faheena فہینہ – A small fraction of time, A moment Fahima فہیمہ – Brilliant, Smart Farhin فرحین – Ecstatic, Delighted Fariba فريبا – Captivating Farnaz فرناز – Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious Faryal فریال – A divine beauty, An angel Fayha فَيْحَاء – One with heavenly fragrance Fayona فایونا – Gorgeous, Adorable Faza فزا – Young, Blooming Fazeen فزین – Growth, Enhancement Fazima فزیمہ – Triumph Fazluna فزلونہ – A desert flower Fena فینا – A child born with feet first, An uncontrolled wild horse Fenal فینال – An angel with extraordinary charm Fikriya فکریہ – Knowledgeable Fila فیلا – One who loves Firyal فریال – An archaic Arabic name Gazala غزالہ – Lovely words, Poem, Graceful Ghaena غاءنہ – Jewellery, Embellishment Ghazal غزل – Poem, Creatively framed poetic phrases, Intelligent Ghina غنا – Act of singing, A song Hadeel حدیل – Dove’s voice or Pigeon’s cooing Hashna حشنہ – Graceful, Adorable, Laughing Hayrah ہایراہ – Hadith’s narrator Hazeena ہزینا – Precious wealth, Autumn, Eternally Hazim حازم – Care, Power Helai ہیلی – The name refers to a Swan Helba ہلبا – Powerful Houri حوري – A fantasy character like a fairy Hurya حوریہ – An angel Iba إباء – High status Ibrisam ابرعصام – Silk fabric Ieesha عيشة – A lady, Life Ifza افزا – An angel who protects Iha إِيحَاء – Efforts, Longings, Earth Ilhaam إِلْهَام – Instinctive knowing Ilmeeyat علمیات – Wisdom Imani إيماني – Who can be trusted, Honest, Pure Imoni إيموني – Who believes in something or someone Imseera امسیرا – Knowledgeable Inaya عِناية – Allah’s gift, Worry/care Indela عندلہ – Resembling a nightingale Injila إِنْجِيلة – Glow, Shining Inseya إنسیہ – Wise, Smart, Hadith’s narrator Insha إنشا – To create, To Express Iqra إقرأ– To read or study something Iram ارم – A heap at significant height, Effusion Izma عزمہ – Honor, Respected or higher position/state Izna عزنا – Glow, Light Izra عزرا – A star Jaleh جالہ – Morning dew or rain Jalsa جلسہ – A delightful occasion, celebration Jamia جامعہ – Graceful, charming Jana جانا – Courageous since birth Jassia جسّیہ – Someone who is sitting Jawa جوا – A beautiful flower Johi جوہی – The name is a form of Juhi, which means Jasmine.

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