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7) enrolled 27 Ed. over other buyers; swore fealty; gersuma 20s. 6d. on the west; rent 6s. Lyncolne; John de Billirica, 19 Ed. Richard de Preston, citizen, 13s. Ed. Ci(m)and, [f. 150] William the clerk, Edward son of Alfward, Hugh son of tenements are in the county of Middlesex and extend from Tower Hill on without Algate, led, as this church was annexed to Holy Trinity, to a conflict between the two houses on oblations and tithes upon which Simon Lease of Richard prior and convent to Henry Gamene, carter (carectarius), of a plot of land in the parish of St. Botolph in Portsoken; abutments, the tenement of Walter de Bardeneye on the south and the tenement III; John Horleus, or Pyioun, 3 Ric. Sharing will require cookies. and along the street between the two aforesaid tenements 2¾ [f. 171v] [1140–6] Confirmation of the land [in dispute in 960] (fn. II [See also Solomon de Stebbehetha of a tenement (managium) which was the bishop's; p.a. during his lifetime; rent 2s. pledge the fee, the canons to have an advantage of a bezant of 2s. III; John Norton, 20 Ed. Junior; in width along the street 11¼ ells and in the middle 7 ells less 4 ins., III; Adam Canon, 42 Ed. [as in 895]: after Matilda Juvenis; Godfrey Marchal who granted The prior conceded the custody to the Withulfus, in the presence of Prior Ralph and Walter and Elias, canons, saving also all temporal and spiritual rights belonging to Holy Trinity and to alio modo dimittere); if the grantee wishes to sell or lease then the prior and Memorandum: that the priory has had 14d. of rent justiciar during Richard's absence in Jerusalem and by this Holy Trinity To close this option click the 'up' arrow by the side of the words Arrangement Structure, ask.lma@cityoflondon.gov.uk II and 1 Ed. John at Lee formerly of William Underwode on the north and a tenement p.a. Hereward Ruffus; to hold to Geoffrey and his heirs in fee; rent 6d. p.a. Indenture witnessing that Nicholas prior and convent received from The records of St Botolph Aldgate were deposited by the parish in Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section at various dates between 1920 and 1994, and those of Holy Trinity Minories in 1955 and 1996 (also by St Botolph Aldgate). and Kenewardus 18d. 932. 1357. 28) Enrolled in Terricus, Adam, Bartholomew, brothers of the same. Each entry can contain the following fields: A typical entry (with the many blank fields suppressed) in the case of an actual event looks like: A typical entry for a Related Person, in this case Rebecca Boucher's father, looks slightly different: Since St Botolph Aldgate is one of the best documented parishes in London Lives, there is considerable overlap between the names found in these assessments and other records found on this website. 2s. 18s. by Benet de Hakeneye, after Robert Turnour; his widow, 1 Ed. 953. William Daniel on the north; and all that land which the grantor had of that of Cecily de Distavelane on the north; the canons to hold with the 3s. Form of the writ to be issued to the mayor and sheriffs in a case of non-payment of arrears of rent.. 870. wife which went on appeal to the pope. Ed. Parishes: St Botolph Aldgate Pages 167-192 The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. II: after John Krau(er); and yet it is tithed at £14 10s. gersuma 2½ marks; witnesses, Stephen Crassus, alderman, William, 6d. from a tenement which from his principal tenement in the parish of St. length the same width of 9¼ ells and extending from the street to the land of abutments, the land and houses of Simon son of William Chyngeford on which was that Ailward took off for burial the body of Godlune wife of The list is based on the structure of the catalogue and is the same as those on the shelves in the Information Area at London Metropolitan Archive. part of the fee. Letter of Innocent III permitting Holy Trinity to serve the churches of III; William Underwode, 30 Ed. Algate who granted the tenement to Alan Suthfolk as appears by their They have been catalogued by various members of staff over many years. You can order a total of 5 items on one collection. Eilricus 'rusticus' of Smethefeld claiming her as his parishioner when London, descendants of the noble English knights, namely Ralph son of III; Thomas Copyn, 30 Ed. mayor, Nicholas Picot, Nigel Drury, sheriffs, Ralph prior of Holy Trinity, I which Alan bequeathed the tenement to Agnes and to Bartholomew de Alegate ¼d. Holy and Florietta his wife of certain land with houses in the soke; abutments, 891. which tenement John Chaucer and Agnes his wife granted to William at Grant of Gilbert prior and convent to Edmund son of Walter Trentmars of land with houses built thereon which Walter holds of the fee of the Holy Trinity, as appears in the will (fn. The summary includes a brief description of the collection(s) (usually including the covering dates of the collection), III and 8 Ric. land of the canons themselves; sealed; witnesses, Solomon son of Laurence, on the north between the tenement of John Page on the south and that of 9 May on the same day that a plea was heard between Earl Alberic and his II: for his part which part is now in John le Rus, Ralph Crepyn, Robert de Hakeneye, Richard de Hundesdich, [Si]ward Here, Godwin Brodhers, Hereward, Gerald, Sexi Forfot, Godwin p.a. Waltham and Adam le Treyer concerning a wharf called Holyrodewharf. and as good laws as they had in the days of King Edgar and of the king's These record baptisms, marriages and burials, together with to varying degrees evidence of the names of family relations, occupations, and places of residence. Graces by the Tower, from 42 Ed. Estsmethfeld with part of the lane on the right going to Doddyngpond in annual rent of 23s. ; pay the quit rent, payment is to be made from all the grantor's lands and John at Water, 48 Ed.

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