zt0462 custom scales

Blade HQ reserves the right to cancel any engraving requests after they have been submitted. The blade seemed to be about 3.85 or 3.9" long rather than the 3.7" listed, but who knows. Please note, engraving may delay processing time beyond two business days, but no more than four business days under normal circumstances. (423) 910-9070 Finally, despite its large size, the knife feels extremely light and is barely noticeable in the pocket, and the fit and finish is absolutely perfect. I got the all black version if this and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Knife Scales (made to order) All scales … This will keep me coming back to ZT. The construction and blade are beautiful and mine is extremely sharp. Though it is quite long overall, it’s ergonomics and light weight still make it practical to carry everyday. The red in the cf doesn’t stand out very boldly, but it is nice. Not the most practical blade shape for and edc, but it will do the job in most cases. Emojis NOT allowed. This super-sized version sports a slightly upswept CPM-20CV blade in a satin finish. Once I avoided putting pressure on the frame lock and applied pressure correctly it flipped out silky smooth. Knife mode - Zero Tolerance 0562. ZT and Sinkevich succeed again with this sexy beast. ZT really lives up to it's name on this one. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Zero Tolerance ZT0920 ZT0640. Hinderer Slicer. Lightweight carbon fiber and titanium handle with partial 3D machining for added comfort and grip. The new 0462 also features a colored carbon fiber front scale with a deep-red weave of color. This knife is a SLENDER beast, and I mean slender. The action is SUPER smooth and the red and black CF looks excellent! The back is titanium with an attractive stonewashed finish. Zero tolerance machining and quality control are just amazing. While I have owned at least 10 different ZT models (and still have mist of them), this one is my favorite. The handle is made with a red carbon fiber composite front scale and a stonewashed titanium frame lock, offering a durable build with low carry weight. And while the first thing that will catch your notice about this big knife is that sweeping blade and handle curve, we urge you to look closer. The 0462 locks up securely thanks to a frame lock with hardened steel lockbar insert. The Zero Tolerance 0462 is the big brother of the 0460 Dmitry Sinkevich design with a pronounced ergonomic curve that fits comfortably in the hand. The curved blade hides discretely in the curved CF and Titanium handle and it is so thin it makes the overall length seem like an average size blade. It's a long one. Thanks! Currently looking for a aftermarket pocket clip. All screws are … The clip is perfect and won’t tear your pants (not too rigid). It took a little practice before I could deploy it smoothly. In size, it is closer to the larger Polutchetkiy Sinkevich custom knife. Very lightweight for the size , and hides in the pocket nicely. The new 0462 also features a colored carbon fiber front scale with a deep-red weave of color. The knife is on the bigger side but it's very thin and slender and also very, very light for the size, so it is not bad at all to carry. It's miraculously light also given the blade length due to the CF scale and milled out Ti lock side. Very light and fits perfect in the hand. This super-sized version sports a slightly upswept CPM-20CV blade in a satin finish. Additional engraving instructions (optional): 20CV blade steel offers superior hardness and excellent edge retention. Not only does the curve of the handle give my medium sized hand a very comfortable and secure grip, but the red tinted carbon fiber provides a beautiful and distinctive appearancej. experience. Another Excellent ZT Knife (with a few new surprises!). This thing fires like a rocket, probably the hardest detent I've ever felt in a production knife. Very hard to clip on to your pocket. KVT ball-bearing manual opening system provides smooth flipper activated deployment. Got this knife a few months ago and it is just beautiful! The red carbon fiber scale is an awesome touch with the satin finish blade. The action is excellent and, as part of the new features, ZT has removed the ZT logo from the presentation side of the knife and put it on the inside of the Ti scale of the knife. This is one of the few times when I feel the MSRP of a knife is justified. It has a sturdy spine and came fairly sharp, but I would have preferred it was sharper. Ball bearing action is smooth as butter and I can't stop looking at the carbon fiber handle! ZT and Dmitry Sinkevich knocked this one out of the park. The flip action is silky smooth. Without a knife! This super-sized version of the 0460, designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, features a … My first ZT and it did not disappoint. The blade is stunning and the flipper action is incredibly smooth. Sold only handle! I think it's because it is a narrow handled knife and the backspacer helps your hand slide past it easily. The back is titanium with an attractive stonewashed finish. Personalized laser engraved items are not accepted for return for any reason. I have many knives including 6 other ZT knives. If your engraving request is deemed unacceptable, your order will be canceled and you will be notified via email. This is a larger knife but it practically weighs nothing, the milled out Ti is done very nicely and the red carbon fiber is beautiful. The blade opens very smoothly/quickly. Some may contain trademarks or other terms that we do not have the right to use. Love this knife! Make sure your pocket is deep enough to carry it though. It's just a sexy knife all around, scary to the average person I would imagine. Beautiful design, beautiful blade steel (CPM-20CV! At times this obliges us to decline engraving requests that may otherwise seem unobjectionable. I love the blade shape. This was my first ZT purchase and it will not be the last. I struggled to open it a few times because my fingers were on the lock bar and the detent is somewhat hard to brake, and when you have pressure on the lock bar it is kind of impossible to open. The red/black carbon fiber with the titanium look really impressive. The handle is made with a red carbon fiber composite front scale … 8823 Production LaneOoltewah, TN 37363 It is a true, worthy sibling of the excellent 0452CF knife as well. Overall, assuming its style fits your preference, this knife is a great choice. The back is titanium with an attractive stonewashed finish. The popular 0460 now has a bigger, bolder brother. I would absolutely recommend this knife! This super-sized version of the 0460, designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, features a larger, 3.75-inch upswept blade of CPM 20CV. *Due to high order volume, Orders with customizations will be delayed by 2 business days. The 0462 locks up securely thanks to a frame lock with … While we accept most engraving requests, we cannot honor all. One of the best in this price range. Centering was a bit off on mine, but nothing major. Like many ZTs, the 0462 opens quickly and easily with the KVT ball-bearing system and a built-in flipper. This knife is just as spectacular as the original 0460 , but just in a larger package. Once you get the opening down the blade successfully fires everytime. This knife can easily hide in your front pocket and you won't even know it's there seeing that it weighs 3.8 oz. Fit and finish is really nice. I own everything from Shirogorovs to Kershaws, and this is BY FAR my favorite!!! The titanium and cf scales look and feel very nice. And did I mention weight? I only have one other flipper and it’s a completely different feel. Blade HQ is not responsible for any mistakes or misspellings made by customers. This just came in today and my first impressions were amazed. Email Us, Zero Tolerance: 0462 Sinkevich Flipper - Red Carbon Fiber - Titanium - CPM-20CV, Zero Tolerance: 0470 Sinkevich Flipper - Titanium & Marbled Carbon Fiber - CPM-20CV, Zero Tolerance: 0460TI - Sinkevich Persian Flipper - All Titanium - CPM-20CV, Zero Tolerance: 0022 - Titanium Framelock - Carbon Fiber - CPM-20CV, Reversible pocketclip (left/right, tip-up), Handle: Red carbon fiber composite front, stonewashed titanium back.

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